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Hit the Ground Running with Orion and Advizr: SSO and Asset Class Mapping

Financial Planning Software That Transforms the Client Experience 

By now, you’ve probably heard about Orion’s acquisition of Advizr, an innovative financial planning and client experience technology platform. The integration, aimed at helping our advisors deliver a next-generation client experience that connects progress toward goals with investment performance, will be rolled out in phases.

But we want our advisors to have the financial planning solutions they need be able to begin transforming the client experience right away. That’s why we’re starting straight out of the gate with a single sign-on (SSO) integration, asset class mappings, and account type mappings (based on Orion’s defaults) from Orion to Advizr.

Single Sign-On

The SSO works at both the advisor and client levels, allowing all stakeholders to engage with financial plans faster. From the Orion Connect client portal, advisors and clients can access the Advizr client portal to see performance overview, cash flow analysis, Monte Carlo projections, and more.

Advisors will also be able to access the SSO at the Advisor level with an Advizr application, as well as launch Advizr from Portfolio Audit and the New Accounts center. 

Asset Class Mappings

Using Morningstar data, tickers and market values for investable assets in Orion automatically sync to Advizr and map to the JP Morgan Capital Market Assumptions. Advisors who do not use Morningstar will have the ability to manually map asset classes to the appropriate capital market assumptions. Note that asset classes not mapped to the JP Morgan Capital Market Assumptions will not be considered in Monte Carlo simulations. 

Additionally, the financial plans you create for clients factor the actual holdings in a model—not the proposed holdings—as Monte Carlo simulations are performed and recommendations are made.

The Big Picture

With streamlined integrations available from the outset, advisors can get started creating financial plans faster, ultimately delivering better outcomes for their clients and for themselves. According to Fidelity research, HNW investors who held to their financial plan grew their assets by 110% compared with those who didn’t — and advisors who provide advice-planning services to their clients have higher AUM and compensation than their peers who do not. 

The SSO and Asset Class Mapping integrations are just the beginning. We’re working toward a complete, seamless integration between Orion and Advizr, empowering advisors to connect and collaborate with their clients in forward-thinking ways, not only meeting their expectations but exceeding them.

To learn more about what’s coming next from Orion and Advizr, watch our on-demand webinar now

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Three Reasons You’ll Love the New Two-Way Data Sync Between Orion and Redtail

When Orion originally joined forces with Redtail, a cloud-based CRM solution, we designed the partnership to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently by offering access to key Orion features within Redtail, including Insight tiles, an Eclipse Trading widget, and Reports.

We also made it easy to push new accounts from Redtail to Orion, to launch forms using Quik! or LaserApp, and to begin digital account opening processes with larger custodians.

But good is the enemy of great, so we’ve taken our integration with Redtail a step further to continue empowering your firm’s growth, development, and success.

We now offer an automated two-way sync between Redtail and Orion.

 What does that mean for you? 

Any updates to contact records in either system will automatically flow through to the other, eliminating the need for duplicate manual data entry. The two-way sync is available to Orion and Redtail users at no additional cost. 

Why does it matter? 

Simple convenience aside, here are three reasons we recommend enabling the two-way sync:

  1. It saves time, a premium resource for advisors. Using the two-way sync eliminates the need to constantly update contact records, since doing it in one system automatically makes the same changes in the other. 
  2. It reduces the potential for errors by reducing the amount of necessary manual data entry. When advisors have to make updates in two systems — especially if they’re trying to make them quickly — human error is almost inevitable. 
  3. It’s easy to set up. The two-way sync between Orion and Redtail can be enabled in just a few simple clicks, with no need for downtime in either system.

Who does it benefit? 

Implementing the two-way sync has far-reaching benefits, not just for advisors, but also for their clients.

Advisors can spend more time focusing on their clients and less time on entering data (or correcting it), which is critical for improving relationships and ultimately driving business growth. 

Clients can rest assured that their information is accurate in both systems, which improves data security overall. And the more time their advisors have, the more time they can dedicate to their clients, resulting in stronger relationships and potentially greater portfolio returns.  

With so many benefits and a nearly effortless implementation process, the real question is: Why wouldn’t you save time by setting up the two-way sync?

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