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Orion Communities has expanded its BlackRock lineup with 11 more portfolio families, bringing over 50 new model strategies to Orion’s model marketplace. The new strategies encompass various targeted solutions for fixed income, ESG concerns, tax efficiency, and low-cost ETFs.

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BlackRock Model Portfolios Through Orion Communities

Orion Communities Model Overview

As part of the exciting launch of BlackRock’s models on the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform, you’re invited to join Amanda Toner, model strategist at BlackRock, for a deep dive into the BlackRock models business, which was formally launched in 2013.
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We have supported Orion Communities with BlackRock strategies since its inception, and we’re excited to expand our offering on both Communities and Orion Portfolio Solutions.

– Greg Weiss, Head of Managed Accounts at BlackRock

Gain access to global resources and investment expertise…

BlackRock Managed Portfolio strategies utilize the breadth of BlackRock’s global risk team, macro researchers and investment resources within equities and fixed income for portfolio construction and insight generation.

BlackRock Globe

  • BlackRock Solutions
    Development of Aladdin, BlackRock’s proprietary risk-management technology
  • Asset Class Specialist Teams
    In-depth expertise in individual asset classes, markets and strategies
  • BlackRock Investment Institute (BII)
    First-hand macroeconomic insights from discussion with policy-makers, CEOs and investors globally
  • Risk & Quantitative Analysis
    Dedicated partner to PM teams to help monitor risks and avoid unintentional exposures

Meet the Model Portfolios

For the latest information on the BlackRock model suite available on Orion Portfolio Solutions access the fact sheet library here

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