No More Paper: Five Integrations to Help You Open New Accounts Digitally

Orion’s innovative technology platform is designed to help financial advisors operationalize their vision for success by making their day-to-day work more efficient. This includes one of the most common tasks advisors complete: opening a new account.

Creating new accounts and submitting paperwork to custodians can also be one of the most tedious parts of an advisor’s duties, which is why Orion is continually working to make the process smoother for both advisor and client. After all, the faster you can get new accounts up and running and with fewer errors, the more clients you can onboard.

Along with the many streamlined tools that advisors can use to open a new account, Orion also offers several partner integrations to make account opening quicker. For this week’s Tech Tip, we look at five integrations that help expedite the account opening process within Orion Connect.

Creating New Accounts from CRMs

Two of our customer relationship management (CRM) partners, Redtail and Salesforce, have the ability to push prospect data directly into the Orion New Account Wizard—reducing room for error and making the process that much simpler.

The New Account Wizard in Orion Connect

With both partners, you simply set up the integration and then push the prospect data into the Orion New Account Wizard. From there, you can complete the information on the household and account levels to create the shell account in Orion. 

Sending New Accounts to Custodians

Once the shell data is in Orion, we have three custodial integrations — TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and Fidelity — that will accept the data directly from Orion into their digital account opening processes. 

Here are what the new account wizards look like for TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and Fidelity, respectively:

The TD Ameritrade new account wizard cuts down on the need for paper when opening a new account in Orion Connect

The Schwab new account wizard cuts down on the need for paper when opening a new account in Orion Connect

The Fidelity new account wizard cuts down on the need for paper when opening a new account in Orion Connect

This digital process prevents manual entry errors that are a leading cause of frustration and delays during the account creation process.

More Resources

The aforementioned integrations are just a handful of the 100-plus integrations we offer within Orion Connect to help you build your tech stack.

Want more information about setting up integrations within Orion Connect? Contact our Integrations Team through the in-platform chat or by emailing


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