Brinker Capital’s Destinations and Ocean Park: The Dynamic Portfolio

With rapid changes in the economy and markets, many investors expect that their portfolios should also adjust. After years of passive investment approaches leading the way, the markets recently shifted in favor of more active and more dynamic investment management strategies to take advantage of those changes. 

This month we bring you a strategist pairing and sample portfolio recipes that can help investors adapt as the world quickly changes. 

Brinker Capital – Destinations Portfolios

  • Brinker Capital’s Destinations Portfolios provide the active management investors want, dynamically diversified, to help keep them invested.
  • Brinker Capital’s Destinations are a suite of dynamic, multi-asset class, mutual fund portfolios with one focus—to improve investor outcomes.
  • Actively managed and broadly diversified with a mix of growth, stable, and diversifying assets, Destinations offers a solution for every investor through six dynamic risk-based portfolios and three income-focused portfolios, with versions for tax-sensitive investors. 
  • The Destinations Portfolios are constructed using the Destinations Funds – a series of multi-manager, sub-advised mutual funds ranked as a top ten of Barron’s Best Fund Families in two of the last three years. 
  • Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Berwyn, PA, Brinker Capital is a boutique manager known to be an expert in asset allocation and money manager due diligence. 

Ocean Park – Ocean Park Balanced

  • The Ocean Park Balanced Risk Model has two investment objectives: provide long-term total return and limit volatility and downside risk.
  • The investment strategy is focused on multi-asset diversification with unusually broad diversification across asset classes, markets, industries, and issuers. A passive “buy and hold” strategy is not used. 
  • As part of an integrated risk-management discipline, the investment team monitors underlying holdings daily, applying a trailing stop discipline to each holding, based on a proprietary approach, to limit the impact of any sustained decline in a given asset class or holding. The overall asset allocation is not fixed. 
  • The portfolio can change significantly over time, re-allocating in response to trends and changes in the U.S. and global economy and various investment markets.
  • Founded in 1988 in Santa Monica, California, Ocean Park has engineered their strategies to reduce volatility while achieving satisfying returns over a market cycle. As a result, they have built a reputation as a trusted partner to financial advisors and investors nationwide.

Desired Risk Benchmark

  • Aggressive Growth – Destinations Aggressive Equity 90% and Ocean Park Balanced 10%
  • Growth – Destinations Aggressive 80% and Ocean Park Balanced 20%
  • Growth & Income – Destinations Moderate 70% and Ocean Park Balanced 30%
  • Income & Growth – Destinations Moderately Conservative 50% and Ocean Park Balanced 50%