Shed Some Light on Eclipse™ with In-Depth Resources

This latest Tech Tip will help financial advisors learn how to leverage Orion financial technology

The Orion Eclipse trading and rebalancing platform is a comprehensive, streamlined tool that advisors can leverage to customize portfolios with ease. With such detail-oriented capabilities, however, also comes a learning curve. But do not fear! We have several built-in resources to help you start working efficiently.

Let’s take a look at these in-depth Eclipse resources for this week’s Tech Tip. 

In-App Resources

A “Resources” button was built within Eclipse to provide immediate access to top trading help articles, a 90-second walk through of Eclipse, and links to recent webinars without leaving the trading database.

You can locate the “Resources” button at the bottom left of your navigation pane within the Eclipse app. You can then choose from several quick links that bring you to the top help articles located in Orion Support.

Orion Eclipse™ is a comprehensive trading and rebalancing platform

For new users, we recommend watching the 90-second walkthrough video, which provides an overview of the dashboards in Eclipse and helpful navigation tips. Links to the most recent webinar and build release notes also are available. For complete access to all of the training material related to trading, a link to the “Trading Table of Contents” is also included.

Table of Contents

In addition to the other options listed under “Resources”, you have access to the “Trading Table of Contents”—a one-stop shop for training material that includes articles, videos, and demos. You can find the “Table of Contents” on the bottom of the “Resources” list.

Orion Eclipse™ is a comprehensive trading and rebalancing platform

Within the “Table of Contents” you can find articles on how to sleeve an account for trading and how to use sleeves in Eclipse, the integration between Eclipse and our SMA optimizer ASTRO, and detailed articles on every trade tool. You will also find basic setup and maintenance best practices, a review on the preferences in Eclipse, and much more!

Want more help with leveraging Eclipse for your firm? Contact our Trading Team at trading@orionadvisor.com.