Uncovering the ‘What If’: Orion + factorE Dives Deeper into Portfolio Risk

The great recession of 2008 hit most every investor hard, no matter what type of investment was held. But some investments were better protected from the crash than others.

And risk played a huge part in just how hard holdings were hit.

With Orion’s latest integration with factorE, advisors are able to use Orion data to talk to their clients about risk in a more profound and real-world way, so advisors can work with clients to ensure such losses are mitigated as the market fluctuates. 

Luckily, factorE is there to do the heavy lifting.

factorE is a portfolio risk discovery tool that helps investment professionals talk to their clients about exactly what kinds of risk are present in their respective portfolios. Specifically, the integration with Orion allows advisors to connect and authenticate access to Orion with just a click. Then, in factorE, advisors can sync Orion portfolios into the platform for a full risk analysis. 

What makes factorE different is the way advisors can run a risk analysis on either the account or portfolio level. After you run the analysis, various graphs—including a visually appealing web graph—show the client where the risk in their portfolio lies. 

What’s more, advisors can apply the conditions of past events, such as the great recession in 2008, to see how the portfolio would have performed. If an investor has $800,000 in holdings in today’s financial climate, factorE will show them exactly how much they would have lost in the great recession with their current risk allocation. It’s called factor-based scenario analysis and can communicate the risk clients are taking on with real-world examples of how it would impact their holdings. 

From there, advisors can work with their clients to see how different holdings would impact their portfolio. It opens the lines of communication and understanding in some of the more intricate parts of complex portfolios. 

Interested in talking to your clients about their portfolio risk in more real-world, tangible scenarios? Click here for more information or to sign up for factorE. If you have questions about the integration into Orion, please email integrations@orion.com

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