Peace of Mind in Uncertainty: Experian Identity Protection Free Trial

While helping your clients navigate these uncertain times, transparency and communication can help provide a sense of security—especially when it comes to sensitive financial and personal data. At Orion, we work to maintain and build trust with advisors and their clients each and every day.

To that end, we’ve recently partnered with Experian, a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting, with the goal of ensuring that your clients’ accounts have an added level of protection for both identity fraud and data security through Experian’s online identity and financial account monitoring services.

Data Monitoring and the Impact of Covid-19

Protecting your clients’ data and personal information is an even greater concern during the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to the ITRC, there has been a dramatic increase in scams and identity theft since March 2020, with more than 92,000 cases of COVID-19 fraud reported.  The FTC claims there has also been over $118M lost due to fraud over the last 8 months.*

Credit monitoring has quickly become an added feature we expect from our banks and financial institutions. A free monitoring service typically provides monthly updates to credit scores and activity tracking, but the need for comprehensive monitoring, as well as recovery services and insurance, is rapidly increasing with our ever-changing virtual world.

Tracking credit alerts is important for monitoring potentially suspicious activity, but being protected and insured for what could happen after is vital. Experian has created Experian Identity Protection, which includes fraud resolution services like Full-Service Restoration in the event the worst happens and up to $1M in identity theft insurance

And while we’re all conscious of the potential threats to our own accounts, there is also cause for concern to protect our children’s privacy and identity as distance learning becomes the new norm in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Better Protection from Orion and Experian

The new Orion Experian integration makes it easy and convenient to track potential threats, while also providing options for recovery services, all through the Orion Client Portal.

In our new normal, transparency is essential. Trust is built through open communication and a positive client experience—and part of that experience is instilling confidence in your clients that their personal data is protected and insured. Our goal at Orion is to empower advisors and clients to access everything related to their accounts in a one stop, simple experience in the new Client Portal. Experian integrates directly and your client will receive notifications of fraudulent acts made against them directly in the Client Portal.

To take advantage of the Experian integration and the peace of mind its’ new membership brings, start the free trial running through the end of 2020 by enabling the new Client Portal for your clients today. Learn more here!

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