How Defining Your Personal Brand Can Inspire Your Vision For Success

Advisory firm success is no longer just about balancing operational efficiencies, client experience initiatives, and growth strategies; now, more than ever, advisors need a well-defined value proposition.

What It Takes to Build Your Value Proposition 

I’m sure it’s no surprise to advisors that this industry is both highly competitive and changing fast. Many firms are adapting their marketing strategies by building impressive websites, posting to their social media accounts, and curating communications to investors through online and digital channels. And these marketing channels are valuable, but the overall message is becoming redundant. Firms are all saying the exact same things about who they are via the exact same channels.

So what happens? Your brand message falls on deaf ears.  

In order to stand out, you need to flip how you think about your branding and consider what consumers want from you.

A Look Into What Consumers Really Want

The latest marketing research is showing us some pretty clear patterns when it comes to consumer expectations. The top three things they’re looking for from brands include:

Arguably one of the best ways to give consumers what they want is to give them a glimpse into who YOU are.

Personal Branding 101

How many of you can confidently say that your firm currently shows your vision, values, experience, and personality as part of your branding? Some reading may be nodding their heads with a resounding “Yes” —and that’s amazing! You’re well on your way to making your vision a reality! 

For those who see the gap or who are answering my question with uncertainty, remember that it doesn’t matter if you’re the face/owner of your firm or one of the valuable team members in a larger operation. You have the chance to define your own personal brand in light of how it fits in with your firm’s. 

To shift your mindset in this direction, here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Who Is My Ideal Client?
  • What Are My Gifts?
  •  What Experience Do I Bring to The Table?
  • What Are My Values?
  • What Are My Dreams for My Business?
  •  What Motivates Me In The Work That I Do?


As you answer these questions and truly define who you are, how you want to run your firm, and what you want people to know about what makes you different, you’ll be that much closer to defining a personal brand that is personalized, transparent, and socially connected.

So, You Know Who You Are; Now What? 

Once you have a more defined vision of who you are, you don’t have to be a marketing expert to get started. Here are a few small ways to put yourself out there:

By starting with a few key marketing fundamentals around defining your brand’s unique vision & values, you an easily leverage your strengths to build a personal brand that will further your vision for success.

Looking for More Marketing Support? 

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About Meghan Richter
Meghan joined the Orion Advisor Solutions marketing team in 2018. As the Senior Director of Marketing, she is responsible for the execution of all marketing campaigns and operations. Prior to her time at Orion, Meghan led the marketing content and communications efforts for both Sungard Availability Service’s business continuity software division and The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group. She holds her Master’s Degree in integrated marketing communications from Marist College and is based out of the greater Philadelphia area.