Tiers of Joy: New Features Offer More Customized Financial Reporting for Advisors and Clients

The power of Report Builder 3.0 within Orion Connect is that it helps advisors consolidate a lot of data into the customized financial reporting format your clients not only prefer but also can understand.

And it’s about to get even better.

Included in our latest software update are several new advisor-requested customization options for Report Builder 3.0 that will give advisors even more control over the way you build reports for clients, including billing tiers tables and tags and adjustment groupings.

Why are these updates to our comprehensive reporting tool such a big deal? Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the Report Builder 3.0 enhancements.

Billing Tiers Tables and Tags

We know many of you have been wanting the option of using billing tiers in Report Builder 3.0. 

Asked and delivered.

Prior to this update, you could review billing groupings by account or household, but you couldn’t see specific breaks based on fee schedules. Instead, fee breaks were averaged out. With this update, you will now be able to show clients the fee information based on their tiered fee schedule breakout.

And we created multiple ways to build this report. The first allows advisors to create a grouping table to display the billing information based the tiers within the assigned fee schedule. The second provides a way for advisors to both create and edit custom reports by adding tags, such as billing market values, fee percentages, and fee amounts, to the grouping table.

Either way, you will be able to see an aggregated number of multiple bills broken down by the tiers within your fee schedule.

What does this mean for you and your clients? Well, when it comes time to send out those quarterly statements or sit-down with your clients for their annual review, you’ll be able to paint a simplistic picture of how they’re being billed and the true value and savings of any fee breaks. And this all adds to the idea of delivering customized financial reporting and a better client experience.

Adjustment Groupings

Like the billing tiers tables and tags, the new adjustment grouping feature within Report Builder 3.0 will provide advisors with more flexibility on how to show data to clients.

With this update, advisors can create a report to display a list of adjustments applied to a bill in order to show clients individual adjustments. So, whether there was an added management fee or a credit, your clients have complete insight into each change made. Again, this helps you provide more personalization and an enhanced client experience.


What else is new? We break it all down in our November 2019 Software Update Full Release Notes.


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