Orion August 2017 Software Update Full Release Notes

Today’s post features all the updates and enhancements you can expect in the Orion August 2017 Software Update coming out this weekend.

App Updates

Account Composer

  • Adds option to customize the settings by product type for what defines a performance outlier in the Account Composer app.


  • Updates the Activity Summary tile in Deliver to display Advisory Fees.
  • The Deliver app has been re-designed and no longer points to advisorlynx.com. This app now has the Orion Connect user experience like all other apps. The User Interface is much faster and all current Deliver emails will continue to function as expected.


  • Allows the user to delete an archived report.

Firm Profile

  • A nightly script will run that will change Merge In’s and Contributions to Internal Account Journal In’s (not billed) trans and Merge Outs and Distributions to Internal account Journal Outs (not billed) if the transaction match within the same Household.


  • Corrects the issue in the Activity Compare tile in which the values showed a year behind the actual account values for the various periods that appear in the pop-out.
  • Corrects the issue in the Activity Compare tile in which the values showed a year behind the actual account values for the various periods that appear in the pop-out.
  • Adds a column in the Activity Transaction tile in Insight that shows the transaction description.
  • Adds a link in the upper right corner of the Insight home page that takes users to Orion Connect.
  • Adds a new Insight tile for Eclipse™. This insight tile will allow the user to assign a model to a portfolio, run a rebalance on a portfolio, raise cash for a distribution request and allow for individual buys and sells on accounts. Actions taken from the tile will be pushed to Eclipse™ where trades will be created and reviewed by the firm’s Eclipse™ user for execution. This is a great widget in Insight to allow a rep user to be able to do simple requests without having to give access to Eclipse™.
  • Integrates the Monte Carlo Dial for MoneyGuidePro into client-facing Insight Dashboards.
  • Inside of Insight, we have added portfolio groups. This allows you to create ad hoc groups of accounts that will display in a grouping to allow you to ‘bucket’ accounts together.
  • Enhances the Riskalyze portfolio Risk Number to show you the Portfolio, Client, and Target risk numbers from Riskalyze, allowing you to compare and build conversations around these scores with your client, right from Orion’s Insight app!
  • Updates Insight tiles to allow column selection. When editing a tile within Insight, you will see a COLUMNS tab where you can select/deselect columns.Adds a ‘sharing indicator’ to dashboards inside of Insight for you to easily identify what level the dashboard is shared with.
  • The ‘Holdings Unrealized Gain Loss’ tile now allows the ability to drill down into each group and see the Gain Loss details of each grouping selected.

Manage Users

  • Copying and pasting formatted text from a word processor into the email password templates in the Manage Users app will no longer cause an error when adding new users to the Client Portal.

Portfolio Audit

  • Reps will now be able to edit the billing options per asset within an account.
  • Below the Line Assets can now be maintained in the Portfolio Audit app. This new view allows you to add, edit and delete right on screen.
  • The Portfolio Audit app dashboard now allows you to navigate to the transactions for the Contributions & Distributions rather than just the accounts.


Bill Generator

  • Updates system to keep End Date & As Of Value Date visible when selecting multiple accounts in the Bill Generator.
  • Adds option to run your fee files by Custodian.
  • Allows access to turn on and off Billing Lockdown from the Bill Generator App.

Billing Audit

  • Adds Rep Level functionality to Billing Audit App.


Client Portal

  • Adds new option on Activity page in Client Portal to show a $0 value inception when looking at the first day or running Since Inception for that page. This is an option in reporting and serves to unify the Portal with our Reporting.
  • Updates the goal tracking reporting inside of the Client Portal where the performance and tracking value is solely based on the goal period for each account.
  • Updates the Client Portal to provide ByAllAccounts aggregation errors, create shell accounts in the Orion platform that auto-links downloading ByAllAccounts accounts, and provide a client notification of download errors via subscription.
  • Adds portfolio groups to the Client Portal!


Data Reconciliation

Confirmation Overview

  • Updates the notes field for the FolioFN feed to look at some additional fields that at times contain more details of the transaction.


  • Adds new Data interface with BNY Mellon Wealth Management. This interface will be BETA initially, and only allow downloads for certain account types.
  • Adds new interface with Union Bank. This interface will be BETA initially.



  • Adds Artivest SSO App.
  • Adds several additional single-sign on locations to Schwab throughout Orion Connect.
  • Enhances existing Schwab Openview Gateway to allow users to submit Fee Files directly from the Orion Billing Generator to Schwab Advisor Center. No more manual downloading/uploading!
  • Adds Selequity SSO App.


Mobile App

  • Adds portfolio groups to the mobile app!


Orion Connect General Updates

  • Adds functionality to see any changes that were deleted in account change history . They will say “deleted” within the Next column.
  • Adds more column selections to the Household, Registration and Account levels in the Grouping Manager app.
  • Adds notifications from Integration partners & Orion into Orion Connect. Notifications in an aggregate can be viewed in the Notifications App by clicking the item in the notification tray.
  • Optimizes global search at the top of Orion Connect. It is now 2 to 3 times faster.
  • Creates a landscape sub-report that will include Transfer In and Out as well as Merge In and Out transaction types.
  • Adds the following fields for Missing Information options within the Portfolio Audit App: Client Name, Registration Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Registration Type.
  • Allows users to assign a minimum fee on a sub-advisor fee schedule and have that minimum only apply to sub-advisor accounts.
  • Allows Accounts to be included and excluded from billing using a new Account Level Billing Status field.
  • Adds Wealth Access client widgets in the Orion Insight Platform.
  • Adds functionality for advisor creation of products.
  • Adds tool for market data team to assist in the processing of corporate actions by creating pending corporate actions transactions in the format we expect them to reside, then completing them with the Custodial transactions. This enables the transactions to be set up properly upfront, rather than needing to back-scrub the data.
  • Adds Composite Dashboard so users can do comparative analysis on composites. The user can compare an account’s performance against the overall composite group performance.
  • Allows user to ignore accounts in composite reports based on certain criteria.
  • Allows user to run a daily composite report for any timeframe of their choice.
  • Allows user to import data, which will append to rows in the composite account list.
  • Adds Minimum Investment Amount to Model Aggregate.
  • Adds a second grouping option to the Position Performance Summary.
  • Updates report version assigning to include reps. Now you can assign an entire rep to a version of a report instead of client by client.
  • Adds an option to the Product Types and Product SubTypes parameter to Select/Deselect All for easier selection.
  • Adds product as an option in the Target Allocation tool.
  • Adds parameter setting to choose what time period you would like to have the Activity Bar Chart reflect the Activity Bar Chart sub-report. This gives you the option to have the chart show differently from the reporting period.
  • Creates an import 12/31 values and Is RMD Satisfied in the RMD dashboard to allow updates en masse.
  • Adds Registration abbreviation as an option in the Report Account Display Name entity option.
  • Data Queries in the Compliance Corner app can now be scheduled.
  • Transactions will now default sort to Descending order by Date in the Portfolio Audit app.
  • Creates an option to default the Keep Always field to TRUE on model aggregates.
  • Provides a warning on trades that will not process to files due to being an M category product.
  • Allows user to target a dollar sleeve for the contribution and distribution methods.
  • The Ascent app will now auto-register new users and assign all available courses! Just click the app and Orion will automatically register you for training courses. Existing Ascent users will still be taken to their Ascent Training Dashboard.


Products and Prices

  • Expands asset classification data by offering sector, industry, and style box information for global securities in addition to the domestic securities currently offered. Region/Country information for securities will be available on select reports.



Report Batches

  • When sending e-Statement notifications in the report batch tool, any emails that bounce back (invalid email, for example) will be sent to the email address in the ‘Email From’ section of the batch.

Report Builder

  • Report Access Changes: Include/Exclude for a Rep includes/excludes their clients as well.


  • Adds sub-report displaying the indexes that make up blended benchmarks.



  • Adds hover feature to display full model name in sleeve setup screen to show full model name when model name is long.
  • Updates functionality so models that are marked as inactive will not show in searches.
  • Creates a Raymond James trade file.
  • Creates fractional equity shares in TOM. Option will vary by custodian and will only be enabled for those custodians that will accept fractional shares.
  • Adds a check for secondary source for cost basis when populating the Gain/Loss columns in TOM.
  • Gives advisors the ability to activate/deactivate product substitution groups as a whole within the global product substitution screen. Instead of having to remove each product from the group advisors simply need to deactivate the entire group.
  • The Single account Schwab Trade File will show different reinvestment options for Equities and ETFs RR – Reinvest dividends, and reinvest capital gains. CR – Don’t reinvest dividends, reinvest capital gains. CC – Don’t reinvest gains.
  • Allows users to right click and view the sleeved registration in Tactical Trades from the Orders grid.



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