Orion Experience Improvements Continue: New App Icons and Accessibility Options

As part of Orion’s mission to simplify and streamline our software, you will notice new app icons on your dashboard, and improved accessibility options. In advance of a larger user experience refresh in 2021, these app icons and accessibility options can serve as a small preview of what’s to come.

Refreshed and Color-Coded App Icons

After receiving user feedback, we have refreshed our icons with a clean new look. Every app you’re accustomed to using is still available, and those you saved as a “Favorite” won’t change. But you will now be able to find and group apps more efficiently than before. We hope that you will discover apps you may have missed before and discover new ways to use Orion Connect. 

For a reference guide, click here.

New Accessibility Options

Complying with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines helps ensure that our platform is accessible to all people, especially those with certain physical disabilities. We are implementing a tool that automates accessibility standards quickly and efficiently. We firmly believe that the internet should be available and accessible to anyone, and are committed to providing technology that is accessible to the widest possible audience. Users can choose from several predefined profiles or they can pick the specific accessibility options they wish to enable.

For a reference guide, click here.

What do users have to do?

Nothing! The app icons will update and accessibility options will go live by early next week. Your “Favorites” will remain in their place, and every app will remain available. 

What’s next?

These refreshed icons and accessibility options were a direct result of customer feedback, and our goal of offering you the greatest user experience possible. Be on the lookout in 2021 as we update the entire Orion Connect experience for more functionality and ease of use.


If you’re not an Orion client yet, what are you waiting for? We’d love to show you around with a demo