Best Practices for a Smooth Quarter-End

It’s no secret that quarter-end tasks and responsibilities can be taxing. If your quarter-end is laborious, cumbersome, and frustrating for both your team and your clients, it may be time to fix the method to your madness. Creating a repeatable process is key in order to achieve a timely and accurate quarter-end. Let’s go over some tips and tricks to help save you some time! 

Bill More Efficiently—Get Paid Faster

Billing can be a heavy lift for your entire firm, you want a solution that allows you to get paid quickly without monopolizing your quarter-end, and that can scale, grow, and flex with you as you figure out the most effective way to run your practice. The way you structure your billing will be unique to your firm and there are many options to consider when it comes to billing, such as whether you do it in arrears or advance, use period end or average daily balance, among other considerations. 

At Orion, our technology supports every which way you’d like to run your bills, but ultimately, we recommend billing in arrears using average daily balance, once a quarter. This is the most efficient and accurate way to bill client accounts. If you can do this from the start, we strongly recommend it. 

Streamline Your Tech Stack

From CRMs to risk analysis and everything in between, you need the ability to access the technology you need, when you need it. Leveraging integrations available through your tech stack enables you to simplify your day-to-day operations while maximizing your value; which is of crucial importance during quarter-end when time is limited. 

We work with a number of the industry’s most prominent software providers to deliver powerful integration options for financial advisors, ensuring a superior client experience and the highest level of data security.  Including, integrations with most major custodians to help advisors upload their advisor management fees faster and speed up their quarter-end billing.

Provide an Exceptional Client Experience

Keeping client records current is crucial for every successful practice, particularly when getting ready for quarter-end meetings. Providing clients with access to a leading-edge client portal and the delivery of timely client-specific insights through an accelerated quarterly statement process helps to enhance the client experience.  This provides clients with  a single-stop shop for all their information, without you having to hire a staff of people to do manual reconciliations. 

With Orion’s Client Portal, advisors can get their quarterly statements out quickly through our user-friendly quarter-end processing. Our Quarter-End Dashboard helps to ensure that quarter-end tasks are being reviewed and completed through a comprehensive dashboard that audits responsibilities from billing to reporting.

Learn more about how you can efficiently streamline your quarter-end tasks and enhance your client experience.