Tech Tip Thursday: Managing Your Orion Form 13F and ADV Settings

With Orion, you can keep track of and report on almost any type of data needed by your firm, so long as it’s related to the client portfolios stored in Orion.

Did you know that in addition to the business intelligence reports you can access and the compliance oversight functions in the Compass app, you can also use Orion to simplify your Form 13F and ADV reporting?

In fact, the information in this article specifically relates to the Compass app, which we designed to help you create a compliance testing regimen that can automatically run the right reports when you need them.

Compass includes a regulatory filing dashboard that allows you to capture all of your Form ADV and 13F regulatory reporting numbers with one click.

While all advisory firms have to maintain an updated ADV, not everyone files Form 13F. If you have $100 million in assets, however, the settings covered in the below post are ones you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Let’s take a look at how Orion allows you take more control of your data when you want to exclude items from your 13F and or form ADV reporting.

Why does Orion have Form 13F and ADV Settings?

We have 13F and ADV settings (checkboxes) at the Product, Account and Asset levels so you can finetune the data Orion includes when you run your Form 13F and ADV reports.

How to Edit Product Settings

If you have a Product, such as a Manually Managed product that should not be reported on, you can uncheck the 13F & ADV boxes at the Product level.

Where to find it in Orion…

Right-click to edit the desired product in the Products and Prices app.

Pro Tip: This will turn off every asset owned in a client portfolio that rolls back to the overarching product record.

How to Edit Account Settings

If you have an Account, such as a 529 Plan that you do not want to report on, you can uncheck the 13F and or ADV boxes at the Account level.

Where to find it in Orion…

Right-click to edit the desired account in the Portfolio Audit app.

Pro Tip: This effectively turns off every asset within the affected account.

How to Edit Asset Settings

If you have an individual Asset you don’t want to report that is owned within a client portfolio, you can uncheck the 13F & ADV checkboxes for that asset.

Where to find it in Orion…

In the Portfolio Audit app, navigate to the Assets within an Account, then right-click to edit the desired asset.

 Pro Tip: This only turns off a single asset within a single account.

Additional Reporting Capabilities in Orion

Once you’ve unchecked a few boxes, you may find that you need a little help keeping track of all the changes you’ve made.

We’ve got you covered.

Through the “13F and ADV Products, Accounts or Assets Not Reporting” data query, you can identify all Products, Accounts or Assets that have the 13F & ADV boxes unchecked. This query will only show results if a checkbox is turned off at any of the three levels, making it the perfect place for you to efficiently keep track of all the changes you’ve made.

If you have additional questions about what was covered in this article, please log into Orion Support and start up a chat with our Reporting SME Team.

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