Turning Our Passion into Your New Marketing Platform

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, it probably goes without saying that my team and I love marketing. And we’re responsible for driving the marketing, communications, and creative efforts across the Orion businesses—so we think we have a pretty good handle on what it takes to be successful.

But pouring all of that passion and knowledge into Orion alone isn’t enough. You see, Orion’s mission—the reason it exists—is to provide our advisors with the tools they need to serve their clients, grow their businesses, and operationalize their unique visions for success.

And as our team continued to grow, we realized we had the opportunity to do more than market Orion’s innovative, best-in-class advisor technology solutions.

We could create a valuable tool ourselves: Market*r, the only advisor marketing platform in the industry designed specifically to drive growth through financial planning engagement.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes, you’re too close to a problem to even know that it exists. And across the industry, financial advisors have a marketing problem. They just might not know it.

So after our acquisition of Advizr, our financial planning tool last year, we took a step back, looked around, and realized we had a greater story to tell.

We discovered:

  • 30% of our firms had no planning technology in place*
  • 70% of advisors that have planning tech do not serve plans to their clients*
  • 72% of firms are looking to leverage digital marketing tech to grow their businesses**

Let’s start with financial planning. After our Advizr acquisition, we realized that the number of advisors who plan and the number of families being provided plans remained almost static year over year because advisors weren’t comfortable promoting these services as part of their value proposition—even though research indicates financial planning is incredibly valuable, both to investors and advisors.

We approached that issue in two ways. First, we broke down the barriers to offering financial planning by providing our planning tech for free. Second, as we began developing our marketing tool, we created campaigns that automatically link to financial planning workflows in order to help drive engagement

Building a marketing tool for financial advisors required us to analyze what was already happening with marketing in our industry. We found far too many disjointed efforts—technologies, content providers, lead generation engines, client engagement tools, and creative agencies all working in silos instead of as a cohesive unit. 

And for financial advisors, who are already also acting as entrepreneurs, CEOs, people managers, investment managers, and salespeople, trying to cobble together a marketing program from various disparate solutions is tedious and ineffective.

Finally, it’s critical to see a return on your marketing investment in order to be able to justify continuing your efforts. We connected with other teams within Orion to conceptualize and begin bringing to life a workflow that follows a thread all the way from campaign execution to financial planning to investment proposal to account opening.

Effective marketing works in tandem with your business’s other initiatives, not independent of it. We designed Market*r to integrate with Orion Planning and our Element Portal in such a way that it shows the full prospect-to-client lifecycle, giving you the power to see, measure, and manage your results. 

On behalf of my entire marketing team, we are so excited to bring Market*r to you. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to see our passion fuel your passion, and we hope that when you see the results Market*r can bring to your firm, you begin to love marketing as much as we do.

To see Market*r in action, check out our on-demand webinar here

If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to talk! Click here to request a personalized demo of the Market*r platform. 

* 2019 Orion Client Data 

** 2019 InvestmentNews Adviser Technology Study