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With Orion Cash & Credit, you can incorporate lending & cash management capabilities — allowing you to find new ways to help clients pursue their financial goals.

Today’s clients expect a one-stop-shop for their financial services, meaning advisors are competing with wealth managers, banking institutions, and robo-advisors for clients.

Enrolling in Orion Cash & Credit, a new fully-developed suite of banking solutions, could help you compete on a larger scale, increase client retention and attract more high-net-worth clients.

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Adding Cash Management and Credit Solutions to the Orion WealthTech Platform


This new, fully-developed suite of banking services includes:

Lending & Cash Management Capabilities

Lending & Cash Management Capabilities

Including access to a range of FDIC-insured deposit programs at competitive rates for clients’ portfolio cash and held-away cash balances, as well as securities-backed and insurance premium finance lines of credit, commercial and business loans, residential and commercial mortgages, and air and watercraft financing.

An Experienced Service Team Icon

An Experienced Service Team

With more than 125 years of collective banking expertise, offering a high touch, interpersonal service model designed to engage, educate, and guide advisors and their clients through the entire lending and deposit life cycle, particularly in times of market volatility.

Confidentiality and Protection of Client Relationships Icon

Confidentiality and Protection of Client Relationships

Through lending and deposit programs, reviewed and delivered by a network of vetted and tested partners that are bound by regulatory privacy and data security standards.

Helping Advisors Grow Their Business

Orion Cash & Credit puts you in a better position to:


Increase Client Retention: Providing more comprehensive financial services for clients creates increased loyalty and greater stickiness for advisors, leading to higher retention rates.

Compete on a Larger Scale: Advisors competing with big banks for business are now armed with a powerful equalizer in the ability to offer competitive banking and cash management services.

Attract and Serve High-Net-Worth Clients: Known for their complex needs, high-net-worth clients value concierge services such as banking and cash management from their financial advisors.

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Generate Liquidity for Your Clients with Securities-Backed Lines of Credit

The securities-backed line of credit (SBLOC) has become an essential product for wealth managers to offer as an attractive liquidity solution. Using a SBLOC through Orion Cash & Credit allows your clients to remain invested, keeping their portfolio intact to achieve their long-term objectives.

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How Orion is Extending the Advisor-Client Journey

Orion’s long-term roadmap with Orion Cash & Credit
will deliver a robust, end-to-end experience for both advisors and investors:


  1. Advisors will be able to kick off new loan requests automatically

  2. Manage these loans within the Orion Client Portal

  1. Connect these loans to an investor’s financial plan via Orion Planning

  2. Monitor the loan and showcase its value through Orion’s custom and dynamic reporting capabilities

Meeting a Wide Range of Lending Needs

Utilizing Orion Cash & Credit

Meet the lending needs of clients

Using a securities-backed line of credit to fund expenses or raise capital

A client needed a significant amount of cash to put a down payment on a home. Rather than liquidate assets and realize capital gains that will ultimately create a tax liability, we worked with the advisor to help the client take out a loan against the investment portfolio, keeping their assets invested. This solution generated enough liquidity to cover the down payment cost and helped minimize the tax impact on their investment portfolio.

In order to fund interim expenses, a non-profit client was using margin against their portfolio. Due to a large market decline, the portfolio’s value was close to activating its margin maintenance call level requiring them to potentially sell assets to meet their obligations. We arranged a securities backed line of credit (SBLOC) that nearly doubled the cash available, repaid the existing line of credit, and provided a multi-million dollar cushion to the organization. This avoided the need to liquidate any of the client’s assets.

Maximizing FDIC insurance and improving yields

A family client with substantial cash balances from a recent liquidity event sought the safety of FDIC insurance and yields above the very low rates currently offered by custodians and most banks. We provided the client multiple personal and trust accounts through our held-away cash management program that included multi-million dollar deposits. The client’s portfolio cash was 100% FDIC insured and provided yields higher than the rates offered by most custodians and banks.

Assisting a prospect in expanding their business as a key to establishing a lasting relationship

An advisor developed a lending opportunity for a business owned by a prospective client. The business’s law-firm-financing operation had substantial demand for its product, but limited growth capacity due to a lack of financing. We worked with the client to create a new financing structure through a line of credit, allowing the business to double its lending capacity on the existing capital base. In addition to addressing a critical need for a prospect, the advisor has received several referrals from the prospect during their transition to becoming a client.


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