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Here you will find the latest updates to Orion Communities, our robust investment model marketplace. Be alerted to new investment strategists, gain valuable insight and market perspectives, and stay informed of enhancements to Orion Advisor Tech – your streamlined platform to build models, create personalized options for high net worth clients, and execute all trading.

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New Investment Strategists

Here you’ll find information on the latest investment strategists to join Communities! Learn their history, core competencies, investment philosophy, and how they can add value to your model portfolios.


Frontier Asset Management Launches “Downside First Focused” Models

Frontier Asset Management’s forward-looking, highly analytical investment process starts with a philosophy of Downside First Focus, pioneered by investment industry veteran Gary A. Miller, CFA, and founder of Frontier in 2000. Miller’s mutual fund portfolio management experience and background in math and engineering led him to rethink the way strategies are constructed and managed.

For each strategy, the Frontier team seeks to manage risk to specific target levels, to achieve a given level of return for that risk level, and consistently provide added value. They then identify and combine top-quality fund managers with their proprietary fund selection process, Manager Match, which uses returns-based style analysis to identify those managers likely to achieve consistent outperformance in the future. Each month, they analyze millions of combinations of those managers to create the “strategy” of funds they believe will likely produce the best results within the set downside risk targets.

Orion Communities now offers three product suites of Frontier’s downside, risk-defined model investment strategies, including ten Mutual Fund Strategies, ten Tax-Managed Mutual Fund Strategies, and six ETF Strategies.

Strategist Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on an investment strategist or two. Learn more about these strategists and their investment management specialties.


Invesco is a global independent investment management firm dedicated to delivering an investment experience that helps people get more out of life.

Invesco offers over 25 strategist models and SMAs in Orion Communities – including the Pinnacle Total Beta Multi-Manager and Pinnacle Smart Beta model suites.

Learn about the economic trends, policy responses and the impact on market leadership entering 2021 from Invesco’s thought leaders in these valuable resources.

Strategist Pairings

Learn how to pair investment strategists when creating customized models portfolios to satisfy your clients’ unique needs. Here we highlight two strategists, the value each brings, and how they can complement each other in your model portfolios.

Factor-Based Meets Active

Have you ever heard the saying, “Different doesn’t mean better; it just means different?” When it comes to investing, there are plenty of differences in philosophies and strategies. If you aren’t committed to one view, an opportunity exists to benefit from multiple strategists by pairing them together.

This month we look at the benefits of pairing Fidelity, a well-known active strategist focused on identifying current opportunities, with Symmetry, a boutique strategist building broadly diversified portfolios rooted in academic research.

Symmetry Investments and Fidelity
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How to Make SMAs Accessible for All

SMAs were invented in the 1970s to accommodate the needs for high net worth individuals, whose investment objectives didn’t fit well into standard mutual fund strategies. But that was then and this is now!

Recent history shows that SMAs actually hold more wealth than either ETFs or mutual funds. One study found that they comprised 35% of U.S. equity assets in 2018, while ETFs held 34% and mutual funds came in third at 31% of equity wealth.1

The steady growth that SMAs have shown may be about to get much higher as well. Another study suggests that demand for SMAs may double by 2023.2

Download our ebook to learn more about the benefits and roadblocks to using SMAs and how you can make them more accessible to all your clients.




Streamline and Scale Your Investment Management Process

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