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Here you will find the latest updates to Orion Communities, our robust investment model marketplace. Be alerted to new investment strategists, gain valuable insight and market perspectives, and stay informed of enhancements to Orion Advisor Tech – your streamlined platform to build models, create personalized options for high net worth clients, and execute all trading.

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New Investment Strategists

Here you’ll find information on the latest investment strategists to join Communities! Learn their history, core competencies, investment philosophy, and how they can add value to your model portfolios.

Small Companies…BIG Opportunity with HGK!

Small caps began rallying in Q4, and if history is a reliable guide, the asset class could have a long runway as the economy reopens and we emerge from recession. Get to know new Orion Communities partner HGK Asset Management, an institutional manager that has been delivering value for clients since 1983. HGK’s focus on high quality companies has generated consistently strong results with their Small Cap Value SMA.

Learn more about HGK’s disciplined, repeatable investment process and see how small companies and a boutique manager deliver big results for clients.

Q3’s TUG Strategy Completes Stellar 2020

Experts in sector rotation and tactical management, Q3 Asset Management offers strategies that maintain the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Q3’s Tactical Unconstrained Growth (TUG) strategy displayed its ability to do just that during 2020. TUG is reviewed daily in order to respond quickly to market changes.

  • Advanced 4.7% during the 1st quarter COVID crisis when stocks lost roughly 20%
  • Ended 2020 up 24.8% with no down quarters
  • Complimentary to other strategies, including Q3’s Strategic Sector model, which rotates among 40 different sectors and sub-sectors of the market

Tactical Strategies for Elite Financial Advisors

Blueprint Investment Partners is resolute about counteracting the shortcomings of human behavior by providing a repeatable process that answers the questions of what, when, and how much to buy and sell. In turn, this empowers advisors to help their clients stay anchored to their goals by leaving no room for emotional decision making during times of euphoria or fear.

While other systematic strategies tend to be secreted away, Blueprint rejects black box models. Theirs are transparent – something advisors can discuss with clients in everyday English.

Strategist Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on an investment strategist or two. Learn more about these strategists and their investment management specialties.


Strength in Numbers: How to Leverage Strategist Partners for Better Client Experiences

Advanced Asset Management Advisors (AAMA) has been an investment strategist partner with Orion since 2003 and has 30 strategies available in Communities. This month we highlight an article they recently published providing advisors with insight into leveraging third-party investment strategist partnerships to strengthen client relationships.
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Learn more about AAMA’s fundamental approach and how they combine a long-standing ‘quality-over-quantity’ mentality with a deeply experienced investment team to create positive investment experiences from AAMA’s founder and president, Robert D. Baker.
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Strategist Pairings

Learn how to pair investment strategists when creating customized models portfolios to satisfy your clients’ unique needs. Here we highlight two strategists, the value each brings, and how they can complement each other in your model portfolios.

Start Broad and Go Beyond

Working to build custom portfolios that best align with client goals is a rewarding endeavor for many advisors, especially when you can select from an expansive universe of pre-vetted institutional strategists. Communities, Orion’s robust investment model marketplace offers just this. It gives advisors access to a variety of pre-vetted institutional strategists with the ability to easily search across multiple asset categories and filter by expansive criteria. Yet, with so many options, where do you start?

For this month’s strategist pairing, we propose you start broad and then go beyond. This month we look at the value in pairing State Street Global Advisors (SSGA), the pioneer of low-cost index ETFs, and Polen Capital, a boutique manager with a high-conviction growth strategy.

State Street and Polen Capital
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How to Make SMAs Accessible for All

SMAs were invented in the 1970s to accommodate the needs for high net worth individuals, whose investment objectives didn’t fit well into standard mutual fund strategies. But that was then and this is now!

Recent history shows that SMAs actually hold more wealth than either ETFs or mutual funds. One study found that they comprised 35% of U.S. equity assets in 2018, while ETFs held 34% and mutual funds came in third at 31% of equity wealth.1

The steady growth that SMAs have shown may be about to get much higher as well. Another study suggests that demand for SMAs may double by 2023.2

Download our ebook to learn more about the benefits and roadblocks to using SMAs and how you can make them more accessible to all your clients.




Streamline and Scale Your Investment Management Process

When Kathy Kraft, owner and founder of Kraft Financial, LLC, logged on to an Orion Communities webinar, she thought she was there to learn about how to better market her firm. And in a roundabout way, that’s exactly what happened.
Learn how Orion Communities is helping Kathy to grow her business “at least four times over, in the next couple of years.”

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