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Communities Corner highlights what’s happening within Orion Communities, our robust investment model marketplace. Find out about the newest investment strategists to join Communities, get valuable market insights, plus stay informed of enhancements to Orion Advisor Tech.


New Investment Strategists

Meet the latest investment strategists to join Communities. Learn their history, core competencies, investment philosophy, and how they can add value to your model portfolios.

Risk-Conscious Growth in the Small-Cap Universe

The overarching philosophy of the Sawgrass Genesis Small Cap Growth product is that risk is often mispriced. This viewpoint leads the investment team to look to take advantage of investor behavior that can lead to the persistent overvaluation of companies. Avoiding overvalued companies and finding those that are considered undervalued is the key tenet of the Sawgrass Genesis investment philosophy. To find these attractive companies, the investment process focuses on those that exhibit more consistent and less volatile growth compared to their peers in the universe of small-cap stocks. The Sawgrass team combines proprietary quantitative models with a fundamental research process in order to deliver a repeatable approach with a recurring emphasis on low price volatility and stable earnings. Given the current volatility in the market, these consistent earners should play an important role in driving returns for the foreseeable future. By investing in this underappreciated portion of the universe, the team seeks to provide clients with longer-term outperformance with less volatility.

ETF Strategy Specialist

Optimus Advisory Group manages tactical and strategic ETF strategies that meet the needs of investors. Optimus uses disciplined, quantitative methodology to build and manage our portfolios. Their goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns over a full market cycle.

Within their lineup of actively managed portfolios are two theme-based tactical ETF strategies: Tactical Innovation for investors who want to look beyond traditional sectors for exposure to disruptive innovation and Inflation Opportunities for investors who want to look beyond traditional sources of growth for exposure to inflation-fighting securities.

Capturing Persistent Growth in Volatile Equity Markets

In good times and bad, Alliance Bernstein believes profitability offers a clearer picture of a company’s future prospects than earnings. In their view, measures such as return on invested capital (ROIC) and return on assets (ROA) can provide a better gauge of a company’s economic performance—and its ability to deliver results over time. Companies that can deliver profitable results with consistency can underpin a growth equities portfolio that is positioned to withstand a period of slower economic growth and to shine when a recovery materializes.

The AB US Large Cap Growth strategy is primarily a US large-capitalization equity portfolio, comprised of approximately 50 to 70 stocks, and seeks to generate capital appreciation through superior stock selection—a function of research insight and investment action. Using an active investing approach, the portfolio management team seeks to deliver strong growth-style returns in a highly risk aware manner, aiming to deliver a smoother return path and strong risk-adjusted performance.

Strategist Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on an investment strategist. There’s no better time to find out what’s new from these strategists.

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Schafer Cullen Capital | Cullen Funds

An employee-owned investment boutique based in NYC with proven disciplined value and income capabilities (domestic, international, emerging markets, and option based). The firm was established in 1983 and currently manages approximately $22.5B AUA as of 12/31/22.

Read Schafer Cullen’s recent report regarding “The Case for Small Cap Value” and why they believe this could be an opportune time to invest in small-cap value and their Small Cap Value Strategy. Schafer Cullen sees three catalysts that could drive outperformance over the coming years:

  • Small Caps have been oversold compared to Large Caps, reaching levels not seen since 2000.
  • Small Caps have outperformed Large Caps in secular inflationary periods including the 1960’s, the late 70’s, and the early 80’s.
  • Valuations look very attractive. Small Caps have digested much of the risk of a potential recession, and trade currently around 15% below their 10-year average p/e multiple.

Strategists to Watch

Keep an eye on new models and the latest offerings from strategists you’ll find on Orion Communities.

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Access No-Strategist-Fee model portfolios on Orion Communities

Invesco model portfolios give you more options to help pursue your client’s goals and they are all offered with no overlay fees. The Model Practice helps uncover how model adoption can allow you to free up capacity to grow your practice while spending your valuable time deepening client relationships and enhancing your business. Please contact your respective advisor consultant to learn more. Independent and Broker Dealer: 800-421-0807 or Registered Investment Advisor: 800-421-4023

New This Month

Portfolio Recipes

Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, for this monthly webinar event that brings together selected investment strategists to create customized model portfolios to satisfy your clients’ unique needs.

Each month, Rusty will introduce you to a fresh pair of strategists and explore the value each strategist brings to the table, how their firms play a role on the Orion platform, and how they complement each other in your portfolios.

We understand how important it is for you to meet your clients’ investment goals, which is why Portfolio Recipes is here to help you put together the right recipe.

Portfolio Recipes:
Market Cycle Advised Mandate Portfolio Recipes

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3:00 PM CT/

Save Your Spot for the Portfolio Recipes ‘Most Popular of 2022’ – The Wealth Advisory Portfolio Recipes webinar

New Models on Communities

  • Atlanta Capital Management
    • High Quality Focused Growth
    • High Quality Calvert Equity
  • Csenge Advisory Group
    • CAG Growth & Income
    • CAG Core & Explore
    • CAG Tactical Fusion
    • CAG Total Market
  • Logan Capital
    • Logan Concentrated Value
  • Sawgrass Asset Management, LLC
    • Sawgrass Genesis Small Growth Equity
    • Sawgrass Diversified Large Growth Equity
    • AllianceBernstein Strategic Research
  • AB Strategic Research SMA
  • Single Product Strategies
    • AlphaSimplex Managed Futures Strategy Fund
  • Solomon API
    • Solomon API Tactical 100 Aggressive Growth
    • Solomon API Tactical 40/60 Moderate
    • Solomon API Tactical 60/40 Moderate Growth
    • Solomon API Tactical 80/20 Growth
  • Alta Capital Management, LLC
    • Alta Large Cap Quality Growth

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How to Make SMAs Accessible for All

SMAs were invented in the 1970s to accommodate the needs for high net worth individuals, whose investment objectives didn’t fit well into standard mutual fund strategies. But that was then and this is now!Recent history shows that SMAs actually hold more wealth than either ETFs or mutual funds. One study found that they comprised 35% of U.S. equity assets in 2018, while ETFs held 34% and mutual funds came in third at 31% of equity wealth.1The steady growth that SMAs have shown may be about to get much higher as well. Another study suggests that demand for SMAs may double by 2023.2Download our ebook to learn more about the benefits and roadblocks to using SMAs and how you can make them more accessible to all your clients.


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