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Communities Corner highlights what’s happening within Orion Communities, our robust investment model marketplace. Find out about the newest investment strategists to join Communities, get valuable market insights, plus stay informed of enhancements to Orion Advisor Tech.


New Investment Strategists

Meet the latest investment strategists to join Communities. Learn their history, core competencies, investment philosophy, and how they can add value to your model portfolios.

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Tactical, Multi-Asset Investment Solutions to Smooth the Ride

After a difficult year in 2022 for both stocks and bonds, this claim may be more valid than ever that when it comes to investing, Defense can win Championships! 3EDGE’s tactical approach to investing seeks to manage risk – both volatility and portfolio drawdowns. In doing so, 3EDGE can help advisors seeking to spare their clients from the emotional distress of precipitous declines in their investment portfolios.

3EDGE strategies act as tactical diversifiers, seeking to generate consistent, long-term investment returns, regardless of market conditions, while seeking to manage downside risks. 3EDGE’s investment research process is driven by the firm’s proprietary global capital markets model, tested over a wide variety of economic and market conditions. 3EDGE offers a full suite of solutions that seek to meet investors’ different objectives.

Learn more about the 3EDGE Conservative, 3EDGE Total Return, and 3EDGE ESG model portfolios available on Orion Portfolio Solutions and through Orion Communities.

Strategist Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on an investment strategist. There’s no better time to find out what’s new from these strategists.

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Simplified Access to Sophisticated Risk Management

Since 1994 Toews Asset Management has helped advisors take the guesswork out of managing downside risk. By pairing our hedged strategies with conventional investments, we craft balanced and enduring portfolios that aim to preserve and grow potential wealth for investors in every type of market.

They deliver risk management through two lenses focused on options and trend-following algorithms. Risk-managed strategies should be designed to deliver low correlation in down markets and still participate in market gains.

Toew’s Quarterly Economic and Capital Markets Update offers the latest content for you, and vital talking points for your investors. You can download it here.

A few highlights from our most recent Q4 release:

  • The Cycle of Index Bubbles
  • 2022 was the Year of PE Compression. Economic Data may be pointing to Earnings Compression in 2023
  • Shifting winners and losers in our current interest rate cycle

To learn how the Managed Risk Blueprint strategy can help you navigate uncertain markets click here

Strategists to Watch

Keep an eye on new models and the latest offerings from strategists you’ll find on Orion Communities.

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Responsible Large-Cap Growth Investing

With the era of easy money seemingly over, large-cap growth stocks may take on a much different tone in which valuations and quality take precedence.  Since its inception in 1998, Sawgrass Asset Management’s Diversified Large Cap Growth product has had a defined investment philosophy focusing on these attributes.  The product’s investment philosophy looks to extract value from inefficiencies caused by investor behavior, which have been particularly embellished in the large-cap growth universe. These tendencies create opportunities for an investment approach that emphasizes attractive valuations, low price volatility, consistent/stable growth, and the long-term compounding advantages provided by downside protection. The quantitative and fundamental blended investment process helps to identify companies with these characteristics and build portfolios to provide Sawgrass clients longer-term outperformance with less standard deviation than their benchmark and peers. 

New This Month

Portfolio Recipes

Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, for this monthly webinar event that brings together selected investment strategists to create customized model portfolios to satisfy your clients’ unique needs.

Each month, Rusty will introduce you to a fresh pair of strategists and explore the value each strategist brings to the table, how their firms play a role on the Orion platform, and how they complement each other in your portfolios.

We understand how important it is for you to meet your clients’ investment goals, which is why Portfolio Recipes is here to help you put together the right recipe.

Portfolio Recipes:
The Global Portfolio Recipes

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3:00 PM CT/

Save Your Spot for the Portfolio Recipes webinar

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The CMT Program demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management. The Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) designation marks the highest education within the discipline and is the preeminent designation for practitioners of technical analysis worldwide. To learn more about the CMT, visit

New Models on Communities


  • Invesco BulletShares Corporate 0-10 Year
  • Invesco BulletShares Corporate 0-3 Year 
  • Invesco BulletShares Corporate 0-5 Year 
  • Invesco BulletShares Corporate 0-7 Year 
  • Invesco Pinnacle Series: Hybrid Plus 40 Multi-Manager Portfolio 
  • Invesco Pinnacle Series: Hybrid Plus 60 Multi-Manager Portfolio 
  • Invesco Pinnacle Series: Hybrid Plus 80 Multi-Manager Portfolio 
  • Invesco Pinnacle Series: Hybrid Plus Equity Multi-Manager Portfolio

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