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Communities Corner highlights what’s happening within Orion Communities, our robust investment model marketplace. Find out about the newest investment strategists to join Communities, get valuable market insights, plus stay informed of enhancements to Orion Advisor Tech.


New Investment Strategists

Meet the latest investment strategists to join Communities. Learn their history, core competencies, investment philosophy, and how they can add value to your model portfolios.

Forward-Thinking Solutions and Services

Spouting Rock Asset Management offers a platform of curated managers across investment styles and asset class exposures. All boutique managers are committed to seeking strong investment results while continuing to build their business by utilizing our shared platform of operational and support capabilities. This provides advisors with forward-thinking solutions that are designed to align with what drives their clients.

Boutique by Design

Offering investment management solutions and private equity opportunities, Spouting Rock serves sophisticated investors, institutions and financial professionals to provide purposeful solutions and services aimed to enhance portfolios and protect wealth.

Strategist Spotlight

Each month we shine a spotlight on an investment strategist or two. There’s no better time to find out what’s new from these strategists.

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PCS Signal and Noise Series

The Signal and Noise series from Janus Henderson’s Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team seeks to identify historical patterns and precedents through which we can view current market challenges, escape analysis paralysis and drive toward an actionable set of portfolio solutions.

PCS Signal and Noise Series, Part 1: The Yield Curveball

Learn more about the tailored, forward looking portfolio consulting from the Portfolio Construction and Strategy experts at Janus Henderson.

Strategists to Watch

Keep an eye on new models and the latest offerings from strategists you’ll find on Orion Communities.

Active Management for Active Times; Rules Based and Global Tactical Fundamental Investment Strategies

Donoghue Forlines is a Boston-based tactical investment firm that has specialized in risk managed portfolios since 1986. We offer a full suite of proactive strategies designed to help advisors and their clients de-risk when market circumstances warrant it, enabling them to stay disciplined to meet their investment objectives.

Our solutions feature rules-based, fundamental, and blended strategies providing flexibility to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing market environment. We believe there is a time to be invested in the market to achieve upside potential and growth. We also believe in de-risking when the market is in a period of decline. “Set it and forget it” investing does not live here. This is particularly important for investors who have less time on their side as they approach retirement or are currently retired. After all, investing is not just about what you make. It is about what you keep.

Donoghue Forlines offers investment strategies through its Global Tactical Fundamental Portfolios and Rules-Based product series.

Long-term Model Portfolios Designed to Help Investors Reach Their Goals

Designed to be straightforward, transparent and easy to understand. Schwab ETF Model Portfolios are built using Schwab Asset Management’s asset allocation framework, engineered with a deep understanding of investor behaviors.

Schwab Asset Management’s portfolios are low cost, well diversified model portfolios that combine various investment products in a building block approach.

Investors can choose from two different portfolio series: A Series and A+B Series. Both utilize a behavioral approach to investments. A Series: Simple using all cap-weighted ETFs, well diversified, lowest cost A+B Series: Incorporates strategic beta style and sub-asset classes, enhanced diversification, potential alpha, low cost

Learn more about Schwab ETF Model Portfolios available on Communities:

Strategist Pairings

Portfolio Recipes, a monthly webinar event, brings together two investment strategists to create customized model portfolios to satisfy your clients’ unique needs. Join us each month as we introduce you to a fresh pair of industry-leading strategists, explore the value each brings to the table, and how they can complement each other in your model portfolios.

Portfolio Recipes: The Low Cost ETF Strategies Portfolio

Cougar Global Investments and State Street Global Advisors Logos

Join Orion’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rusty Vanneman, CFA, CMT, on Tuesday, May 31 at 2:30 p.m. CT, as he gives you an inside look at a new pairing of two leading strategist on our platform, State Street Global Advisors and Cougar Global Investments. You’ll gain insight about these partners, how their firm plays a role on the Orion platform, and how their models can help amplify your expertise.

The Low Cost ETF Strategies Portfolio

Tuesday, May 31
2:30 PM CT/3:30 PM ET

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The CFA® is a globally respected, graduate-level investment credential established in 1962 and awarded by CFA Institute — the largest global association of investment professionals. To learn more about the CFA charter, visit

The CMT Program demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management. The Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) designation marks the highest education within the discipline and is the preeminent designation for practitioners of technical analysis worldwide. To learn more about the CMT, visit


How to Make SMAs Accessible for All

SMAs were invented in the 1970s to accommodate the needs for high net worth individuals, whose investment objectives didn’t fit well into standard mutual fund strategies. But that was then and this is now!

Recent history shows that SMAs actually hold more wealth than either ETFs or mutual funds. One study found that they comprised 35% of U.S. equity assets in 2018, while ETFs held 34% and mutual funds came in third at 31% of equity wealth.1

The steady growth that SMAs have shown may be about to get much higher as well. Another study suggests that demand for SMAs may double by 2023.2

Download our ebook to learn more about the benefits and roadblocks to using SMAs and how you can make them more accessible to all your clients.


1 accounts-continues.jsp 2

Streamline and Scale Your Investment Management Process

When Kathy Kraft, owner and founder of Kraft Financial, LLC, logged on to an Orion Communities webinar, she thought she was there to learn about how to better market her firm. And in a roundabout way, that’s exactly what happened. Learn how Orion Communities is helping Kathy to grow her business “at least four times over, in the next couple of years.”


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