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Direct indexing strategies can outperform ETFs and mutual funds after-taxes. But time-intensive, stagnant technology has made it difficult for advisors to implement and manage them effectively. Not anymore.

Our trading technology empowers you to create custom, direct indexed portfolios and execute all trades in just one cohesive system—seriously.

What’s the deal with direct indexing? Check out our comprehensive guide to find out.

Benefits of Direct Indexing

Easy Implementation

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Harvest stock losses on individual positions to offset taxes on capital gains elsewhere.

Capital Gains Deferral

Capital Gains Deferral

Avoid selling top gainers to defer capital gains for when your client’s tax bracket decreases.

ESG Screenings

ESG Screenings

Ensure each position your clients hold align with their environmental, social, and governance values.

Tax-Conscious Transitions

Tax-Conscious Transitions

Incorporate current holdings into a direct indexed portfolio to reduce unnecessary trades and tax expenses.

The Orion Way of Direct Indexing


Save valuable time by optimizing and trading portfolios without jumping between trading tools.


Secure your client data by never having to export, send, and import it elsewhere.

Your Services

Offer the truly custom, tax-efficient SMA strategies that can exceed client expectations.

Save Money

Keep direct indexing in-house, instead of outsourcing to a third party provider.

Orion vs. Outsourced Optimizer


  • Seamless integration with Eclipse™, Orion’s trading and rebalancing platform
  • Allows you to play an active role in your clients’ accounts
  • Full control over the execution of your investment philosophy
  • Easy to implement client-specific preferences and constraints
  • More cost-effective: Only $50 account/year

Outsourced Optimizer

  • Not integrated with a trading platform
  • Requires you to turn client information over to a third party
  • Third-party investment motives may not align with your own
  • Difficult to prove that client parameters are being used
  • Expensive account management fees tiered by basis points

Speaking of Saving Money

Advisors may be able to cover the entire cost of their portfolio accounting technology by direct indexing with Orion. See how much you could save with our interactive cost calculator.

AUM Outsourced (In Millions) $
Basis Points Fee
Number of Accounts
Total Cost Savings:
*This number is simply an estimate.
Your potential savings do not take into consideration the cost of Orion technology.

The ultimate guide to direct indexing is at your fingertips.

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