Upcoming Events

From the biggest industry conferences to new user and product training, meet us on the road or online at any of these upcoming events.

Trading: Models and Security Sets

Orion Headquarters 17605 Wright Street, Omaha

Don't get stuck stressing out about how to create Models and rebalancing! Join us to gain a better understanding of how Security Sets and Models work together in the Orion Trading Platform. 1656-OAS-06/25/2020

Keep Your Data Connected and Running Smooth

Orion Headquarters 17605 Wright Street, Omaha

Join us for an overview of the Recon Status Dashboard, information on setting up new download sources, and some tips and tricks around recon resources. 1617-OAS-6/22/2020

Reg BI Best Practices with Orion

The expanded Regulation Best Interest rules are officially in place which means your team now has a new standard of service. Luckily, Orion has several tools to help make meeting those standards scalable and effective.…

Managing Your Orion Users

Orion Headquarters 17605 Wright Street, Omaha

Creating users is very important, especially if you want them to have access to Orion. Join us for an overview of how to create Advisor, Representative and Client level users in the Manage Users App.…

Using Market*r to Transform Your Virtual Event

In today’s “new normal,” it’s more important than ever to stay relevant and connected. Many advisors have turned to virtual seminars and webinars to continue engaging their clients and prospects. To give our advisors the…

How Products Can Impact Your Quarter End

Orion Headquarters 17605 Wright Street, Omaha

An overview of setting up the Products and Prices app for ease of use. Learn how to prepare for a smooth Quarter End by establishing asset class allocations and complete fixed income. 1617-OAS-6/22/2020