The Fuse Show: Hidden Gems Edition

Keys to Unlocking More Potential from Your Platform

Orion’s best-kept secrets…shouldn’t be secrets at all. Within our platform, there are a number of powerful features for advisors to take advantage of—and we want to help you by showing some of the simplest ways you can use our tech to grow your firm. Join us for The Fuse Show: Hidden Gems Edition, as we uncover these valuable solutions and walk you through how to find them, how to use them, and how to capitalize on the opportunities they present.

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Data Management



Ryan and George take some time to shed some light on our alternative investment platform, which helps with administration of high net-worth individuals. From adding alternative products to valuations for properties, the guys walk us through the platform and all the nuts and bolts that can truly make a difference for high net-worth clients.

Trading and Investment Management


Cash Management

Cash and how to manage it, the everlasting question. Ryan and George walk us through different ways Orion has developed to make this as efficient as possible. Ryan talks about ways to set aside cash for a client, or use various tools to manage 100 percent of the cash. From raising or spending cash, you’ll see how Orion’s tools make it easy to manage whatever your client’s cash needs may be.



Quarter-end Dashboard

If you had to choose between a timely quarter-end and an accurate one, which one would you choose? Trick question! Ryan and George show you how to ensure you’re getting both with Orion’s Quarter-end Dashboard, and how the system brings Billing and Reporting together for an efficient and repeatable process.

Advisor/Client Experience


New Dashboard

You’ve probably heard it by now, but the secret is officially out. We’ll be rolling out our new Orion Connect Dashboard where you can add, delete, sort and filter cards to help you run your day where it’s most convenient.



Forecast Billing

Forecasting is important if you’re planning a cookout or seeding a lawn, sure, but is also very important when it comes to billing. Learn how you can proactively address problems before they derail your quarter end.




Making sure your reps are paid seems like a pretty important part of your business, doesn’t it? We think so too. Learn how to use Fee Schedules, Payout Schedules and Payout Rates to make billing easier than ever, even for the most complex payouts.




Watch how you can streamline your daily tasks with Orion’s Redtail integration, which includes a single sign-on, an automated two-way data sync, Insight client presentations, and even the ability to execute basic trades within Redtail.




Look at how Orion’s deep integration with Salesforce is constantly improving, and empowering advisors to schedule their own syncs directly through Salesforce, sync custom fields in Orion Connect, fix sync errors without waiting for a support team’s response, and more.




See how with perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of Orion’s tech, Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) can benefit by leveraging our compliance suite to supervise the business activities of their IAR, their firm, their client accounts, and more.



Disclose 13f and ADV

Learn how with Orion’s Compliance tech, you can easily file Form ADV. Whether you’re new to Form ADV or could just use a refresher, with our tech, you can get back the equivalent of 12 working days per year during the 13F reporting and filing process.




See how Orion’s comprehensive compliance suite features a number of solutions to make sure you’re ready in case of an audit, including the ability to build regular supervisory reports and compliance queries, run mock audits, and work with audit-ready reporting templates.

Trading and Investment Management



Learn how with Orion’s trading tech, you can split assets within an account into multiple strategies or managers so they can be managed separately for trading, billing, and reporting—enhancing efficiency across your business.

Trading and Investment Management


Tax Loss Harvesting

Find out more about how our integrated SMA optimizer, ASTRO, makes it easy to build direct-indexed portfolios that capitalize on tax-loss harvesting opportunities while creating tax alpha for you and your clients.



Report Builder 3

Learn more about the features of Orion’s Report Builder 3 that you might not be using yet. We’ve promised to keep our reporting tech continuously updated with ways to save you time and improve your client experience—and you’ll see how we’ve kept that promise.

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About The Fuse Show

Co-hosts Ryan Donovan and George Svagera of Orion Advisor Tech, discuss the trends and headlines in the fintech industry, and offer new insights for financial advisors looking to innovate beyond traditional ways of doing business, disrupt the status quo and win more business.





Senior Vice President
Institutional Sales

Meet George

As Senior Vice President of Business Development at Orion Advisor Tech, George Svagera is responsible for connecting with financial advisors across the southwestern US. George is dedicated to truly understanding the unique needs of advisors and what they’re trying to accomplish with their technology.



Senior Vice President
Institutional Sales

Meet Ryan

Ryan Donovan joined Orion Advisor Tech as a Senior Vice President of Business Development in 2014 and has established a local presence in the Northeast region. Ryan is a New York native and self-proclaimed gastronomist who enjoys golf, travel and relaxing at home with his wife and kids.