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Cash Management and Credit Capabilities to the Orion WealthTech Platform


Orion’s new joint venture with Focus Client Solutions (FCS) will not only add a competitive array of cash and credit solutions and services to Orion’s comprehensive WealthTech platform, but it will put our advisors in a better position to act as a centralized provider for their clients’ financial management. A limited number of advisors will have access to these services through the Orion platform in a beta program starting at the end of Q12021, with a full release planned for Summer 2021.

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What Focus Client Solutions Is Bringing to the Table


Lending & Cash Management Capabilities

Lending & Cash Management Capabilities

Including access to a range of FDIC-insured deposit programs at competitive rates for clients’ portfolio cash and held-away cash balances, as well as securities-backed and insurance premium finance lines of credit, commercial and business loans, residential and commercial mortgages, and air and watercraft financing.

An Experienced Service Team Icon

An Experienced Service Team

With more than 125 years of collective banking expertise, offering a high touch, interpersonal service model designed to engage, educate, and guide advisors and their clients through the entire lending and deposit life cycle, particularly in times of market volatility.

Confidentiality and Protection of Client Relationships Icon

Confidentiality and Protection of Client Relationships

Through lending and deposit programs, reviewed and delivered by a network of vetted and tested partners that are bound by regulatory privacy and data security standards.

How Orion’s Extending the Advisor-Client Journey

Orion’s long-term roadmap with Focus Client Solutions will deliver a robust, end-to-end experience for both advisors and investors:


  1. Advisors will be able to kick off new loan requests automatically

  2. Manage these loans within the Orion Client Portal

  1. Connect these loans to an investor’s financial plan via Orion Planning

  2. Monitor the loan and showcase its value through Orion’s custom and dynamic reporting capabilities

The Power of Banking + Investment Management + Innovative Advisor Tech

This joint venture will have a game-changing impact on an advisor’s ability to:

  • Increase Client Retention: Providing more comprehensive financial services for clients creates increased loyalty and greater stickiness for advisors, leading to higher retention rates.
  • Compete on a Larger Scale: Advisors competing with big banks for business are now armed with a powerful equalizer in the ability to offer competitive banking and cash management services.
  • Attract and Serve High-Net-Worth Clients: Known for their complex needs, high-net-worth clients value concierge services such as banking and cash management from their financial advisors.

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