Protect, Live, Dream:

A Proven Psychological Approach to Planning

Enrich the lives of your clients, both financially and personally, by combining Orion’s best-in-class advisor technology with behavioral finance.

Manage Behavior, Not Just Money

Behavioral Finance: The study of the human biases and emotions that affect the way we invest and—most importantly—how best to manage them.

Guide your clients to better financial planning habits

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Goals Based Investing

Help Clients Stay Focused on What’s Most Important

Mental accounting is the tendency to separate money into different buckets and spend or save it differently depending on how it is labeled. This simple notion is the basis for goals-based investing. The success of a goals-based strategy is not about outperforming benchmarks or competitors — it’s measured by how well an investor’s portfolio is tracking against a stated goal.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps investors stay calm amidst volatility
  • Helps to improve financial outcomes
  • Adds greater value to clients via financial planning
  • Creates more meaningful interactions with clients

Create Customizable Buckets for Clients

Because Not All Goals Are Created Equal

Your client’s financial lives are a complicated mix of future dreams, present realities, and potential negative outcomes we hope to avoid. Bucketing their investments into distinct areas enables you to work toward their unique goals, not arbitrary benchmarks.


This bucket consists not only of “safe” assets but also the income potential of human capital.


This bucket contains those investment assets that work to sustain our lifestyle over the long haul.


This bucket funds our aspirations, or the things we hope to do but that are not immediate needs.

Goals-based Investing Saves Investors From Rash Decisions

According to a study during the 2008 financial crisis:


of clients with a goals-based approach

made no changes to their portfolio.


of those with a traditional investment portfolio

decided to fully liquidate their portfolios.

Source: SEI Wealth Network, 2008. Shefrin, Hersh, and Meir Statman. “Behavior Portfolio Theory”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2000.

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