April 2021

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New Seminar in a Box Campaign: Debt Management

In the latest “seminar in a box” campaign, you can encourage investors to create a full debt management plan.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r Icon > Campaigns > Debt Management Seminar
New Additions to Client Communications Every Advisor Needs

As part of an ongoing series, this campaign provides more ready-to-send emails and social posts on a variety of common topics.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r Icon > Campaigns > Client Communications

Client Portal

Positions Page Redesign

The positions page has been updated to give your clients more flexibility for how they view their holdings. With this update, positions can now be grouped by up to 9 different groupings. Cost basis information can now be turned on/off. All of these updates can be controlled via the Client Experience App. 

See a demo of the Client Portal here.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Personal Finances > Positions

Financial Planning

Historical Returns - Capital Market Assumptions

We have added historical returns as a CMA option in firm settings to go along with the 2021 and 2020 JP Morgan forward looking assumptions. This allows firms to have a greater variety of options to choose from in addition to being able to fully customize their own capital market assumptions.

How to get there: Orion Planning > Settings > CMAS

Investment Management

New Strategists on Communities

Communities welcomes new strategies to Orion’s robust model marketplace. Here’s the list of who has recently joined the platform: 

  •       Flexible Plan  
  •       Maryland Capital
  •       Oliver Luxxe

Learn more about these strategists on our Communities Corner.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Communities


Tax Harvester and TLH Combined Into Tax Harvesting Tool

There is now one tool for tax harvesting in Eclipse. The first screen will give you the ability to switch between the automated workflow (previously the TLH tool) and the manual workflow (previously the Tax Harvester). This will provide one process regardless of what method is needed for tax harvesting.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade Tools > Tax Harvesting
Strategies in Eclipse

We updated the left hand sidebar for model related information to be called “Strategies”. Security sets have been moved under the strategies tabs instead of the securities tab. We have also added Sleeve Strategies and Sleeve Strategy Aggregates into Eclipse. Lastly, you can see your Strategies and Aggregates assigned to your portfolios in the portfolios grid.

How to get there: Eclipse > Strategies
Split Block Execution

Eclipse will now be able to split blocks for a cleaner execution. Right click on any block that has not been sent, and you can split it into multiple blocks. This will shut off auto-allocate, so you can allocate any of the blocks that do execute for one average price across all blocks.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Blocks > Right click > Split Blocks
Maximum Set Aside Cash

We have added maximum set aside into Eclipse. This will allow you to exclude cash over what you target set aside cash amount is, if there is excess cash in the account. This way you can protect more cash if it is already available, rather than forcing that cash to be invested on the next rebalance.

How to get there: Eclipse > Accounts > Account Details > Set Aside Cash
Remove Excluded Cash From Managed Value

Set aside and reserve cash will now be removed from your “managed” value and count towards your “excluded” value in Eclipse.  With this change, “managed” will now be anything not excluded (either by cash or positions) in the portfolio, and excluded value will contain any excluded value (from cash or positions).

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolios > All Portfolios
Eclipse SMA and Orion Connect SMA Separation

Users now have the ability to mark an account as separately managed for Eclipse or Orion Connect, without being required to have them both the same. This provides more flexibility around how you report and trade these types of accounts.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Accounts > Edit account > Separately Managed
Security Target Percentage Added to the Orders Grid

We have added the Security Target Percentage to the orders grid. If a security is an equivalent, or an alternate, it will show the targeted security’s target. If a security is targeted multiple times in the same portfolio, it will show the combined targeted percent for that security.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Orders
Exporting Model and Model Aggregate Grids

We have added the ability to export the models and model aggregates grids into Microsoft Excel.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Models > Actions > Export to Excel
Sleeves in Tactical - Highlighting Account Modifies Model

We have added the ability to review the model information in Eclipse based on the sleeved account you select in the tactical tool.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade Tools > Tactical Tool


Cash and Credit Single Sign On

As part of Orion’s joint venture with Focus Client Solutions, we are launching a Single Sign On app from Orion Connect into the new Cash and Credit portal. This will not only provide each access to the portal but from Portfolio View you can immediately launch a Loan Request from the context of a specific Household jumpstarting that request form.

For more information on the Orion/FCS Cash and Credit platform click HERE.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Cash and Credit
Salesforce Preemptive Error Checking

Orion’s Salesforce sync provides incredible customization with our Flexible Field syncing. However, sometimes the data entered into Salesforce does not match the required formatting for the mapped field in Orion and this creates sync errors. For example, entering a string of text into a field that should be in a date format back in Orion. To help guide users in the moment and reduce sync errors, we will now preemptively alert the user when they try to save data in Salesforce that will not match back to Orion.

How to get there: Salesforce > Household or Account level Records
HiddenLevers Integration Roadmap and Pricing

Orion is bringing HiddenLevers’ portfolio stress-testing, industry-leading investment proposals, and model construction workflows to Orion’s core technology platform. Get a demo of the platform and learn more about the preferred pricing structure and integration timeline for 2021. 

Read More: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7639068554211085584 

Portfolio View

Revamped Settings Menu

We’ve segmented the menu and added app icons to make the links from the Portfolio View easier to identify and navigate.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > … (Settings) Menu
Link to Portfolio Audit

When reviewing an entity (Household, Registration, Account) in Portfolio View, you are now able to navigate directly to that entity Portfolio Audit.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > Household > … (Settings) Menu > Portfolio Audit
Links to TOM

Quickly access the rebalance and tactical tools in TOM from the settings menu in Portfolio View. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > Load Household > Select Account in Portfolio Tree > … (Settings) Menu > Rebalance or Tactical
Bond Accrual in Portfolio View

Like your reports, we have added the ability to split out bond accrual in the Activity Summary tile in the Portfolio View so you can access this information on the fly. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > Activity tab > Activity Summary > … (Settings) Menu Edit Card > Breakout Bond Accrual


Multiple Activity Options On Bar Charts

This is a Report Builder enhancement that allows users to pull in multiple activity options within Bar Charts. This allows users more flexibility when it comes to presenting their clients data.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Report Builder > Sub-Report Builder > Select Bar Chart from the Charts menu at the top of the page > Set the grouping to “Activity Options” > Choose and add multiple activities.
Default Report Access

We’ve updated the logic behind which users get access to Orion reports.  Previously all new reports created in Report Builder were automatically made available for all advisor and admin level users at a firm.  Now, when a new report is created, database-wide access has been removed and the report only enabled for the user who created the report as well as the other users with the same role assignment as the report creator.  This change affords users the ability to be more intentional with who they are granting report access to.  

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reports > Actions Menu > Report Access
Query Builder: As of Date in Run Prompt

Previously, if a query was built in Query Builder it would require you to have a start date and end date associated with the query to produce an output. With this update, if a query doesn’t contain any columns that return values (ex: performance or activity) the run screen will now just show a single date picker.  

How to get there: Orion Connect >Query > Query Builder> Run
Query Builder: Context Filtering

With the addition of Context Filtering, Orion’s Query Builder app becomes even more powerful. Previously, when creating a Query to run for every account in the database, the filter could only look for data that existed at the same level you ran the query for. For example, if running the query for Accounts in the database, you could filter out any accounts that have a specific management style assigned.

Now with context filtering, you can create more complex queries that:

  • – Only show the value of a specific asset category within all your accounts
  • – Return every household in your database that holds a specific product, along with the total value of that product in the household.
  • – Show how much each household has invested in a particular asset class on a specific day.
How to get there: Orion Connect >Query > Query Builder
Transaction Options: Include Cash Exchanges Option

We’ve added an additional control to transaction reporting settings within Orion. In Report Settings, a user can now adjust the Transaction setting to Include Cash Exchanges.  If left unchecked, reports will exclude any buy/sell exchanges into or from a cash asset. When turned on it will show this activity. This enhancement provides users more flexibility when it comes to building reports.Note: This new control only impacts Orion Reports. The buy/sell exchange activity will still exist in the system. 

How to get there: Orion Connect >Reports> Report Settings> Transaction Option
Cost Basis Option - New Report Control

Prior to our April release, if a user was to add the Long Term Gain Loss or the Short Term Gain Loss data tag to a Sub-Report, both of those tags would display the net of gains or losses. We’ve now added a control that allows users to utilize those existing tags and specify whether they want to display gains, losses, or both. Users can access this new control by editing the Cost Basis Options in Report Defaults and is adjusted by using the “Display Gains or Losses” control at the bottom of the options pane.

How to get there: Orion Connect >Reports> Report Settings> Cost Basis Options> Edit or Clone