June 2021

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Investment Management

New Strategists on Communities

Communities welcomes new strategies to Orion’s robust model marketplace. Here’s the list of who has recently joined the platform: 

  • Howard Capital Management 
  • Beaumont Capital Management LLC 

Learn more about these strategists on our Communities Corner.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Communities


ASTRO Restrictions Sync From Eclipse

Eclipse can now sync restrictions into ASTRO automatically. This will allow users one single source of restrictions without needing to make changes in both Eclipse and Orion Connect. The ASTRO Restrictions will be based on the buy priority and sell priority in Eclipse. When a security is tradable, users can enter the ASTRO min and max directly into Eclipse. Finally, excluding a security in Eclipse will also exclude it from ASTRO.

How to get there: Eclipse > Preferences > Sync ASTRO Restrictions from Eclipse
Save Expanded Views

We have added the ability to save views as expanded or collapsed,allowing users to create views that meet different internal needs.

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolios > All Portfolios
Adding Target % and Target $ Columns to the Holding and Trade Details

We have added the security target % and security target $ columns to the holding and trade details in tactical. This will give users the ability to easily know what a security is targeted at without navigating to the security tab under model tolerance.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade Tools > Tactical
Start Date on Set Aside Cash

We have now added the ability to schedule a set aside cash bucket to start in a future date.  Start dates will all default to today, and can be adjusted to start in the future if necessary.  Set aside will be inactive until the start date has arrived.

How to get there: Eclipse > Accounts > Account Details > Add new set aside cash bucket


Sleeve Account Rollup for Salesforce

Sleeves are a powerful and efficient way to manage strategies for your clients but for certain data syncs and reports, it is more useful to see each sleeve aggregated together back as a single custodian account. We have added a feature to our sync that allows you to rollup all of the sleeves into that single account for your data in Salesforce.

How to get there: Salesforce > Financial Accounts

Portfolio Interactions

Orion Planning in Portfolio View

We have added a new tab in the Portfolio View for Orion Planning with cards for Planning, Goals, and Action Steps. Now you can easily view these items in the Portfolio View and SSO over to that data in Orion Planning directly from the cards.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > Planning Tab
Sticky Sidebar

We’ve made it so the collapse and expand capabilities in the sidebar holds when changing apps or logging out and back in.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Homepage Dashboard > Sidebar


New Tag: Time Based Custom Field

We have added a new custom field option for Time Based Custom fields. Unlike some of our other custom fields, this has a table that can store multiple entries. You can also display the field value based on the report end date.

How to get there: Products & Prices > My Current Products > Select Product > Right Click > Edit Product > Settings: Time Based Custom Fields
New Chart Type: Gauge

We have added a new visual option for users to show their clients data in a different format.  With the addition of the gauge chart you now have a different way of showing clients risk.  This chart also lays the foundation for other development we have planned in the coming months.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reports > New Sub-report > Charts > Gauge
Eclipse Model Tolerance: Display Relative Difference

One of the most common requests we get is to include relative difference in our Eclipse Model Tolerance sub-report. This is one of the first improvements we are adding to this sub-report and we have more planned in the coming months.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reports > New Report > Eclipse Model Tolerance > Settings on the right hand menu
Multi-Currency: Default Currency

We are working on adding the ability to run reports in other currencies. The initial development is a future use field that will allow you to run reports in a selected currency.  You can set it as a default for a household or in the future opt to run in a different currency the moment you run the report. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Edit> Options > Reports> Default Currency


Updated Locations Section In Manage Options

This section was updated to stay consistent with the other sections in Manage Options so advisors would have a similar process throughout.  It allows firms to identify different locations and assign employees to the appropriate location.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Compliance > Inform > Manage Options

Performance and Composites

Performance Start Date

We are introducing a new entity option at the firmwide/household/registration and account levels for you to set a “performance start date”. Performance can be set to start at a specific date that will be different from the transaction inception date or minimum inception date set.

How to get there: Orion Connect

Data Reconciliation

AIP Enhancements: Custom Imports

AIP custom imports are now accessible in the Custom Imports app, which will allow users to edit data, add or remove rows within one screen.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Account Composer > Alternatives
AIP Enhancements: “As Of Date” Column

A column was added for an “as of date” value so the asset grid can show both the current value and the value as of a specific date. We have also updated the total cost basis so that it will return based on the date selected.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Account Composer > Alternatives
AIP Enhancements: Alternative Ledger Workflow

A simplified workflow for alternative ledger activity has been created, meaning users can stay within one field to update ledger information. Functionality to copy historical activity from another asset is also accessible within the alternative ledger activity.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Account Composer > Alternatives
SEI Trust Fee Detail

This enhancement allows for reporting of individual components of the trading expense transaction. The data points that are now broken out are: Activity Fee, Brokerage, Charge Applied To Min, Commission, Holding Fee, Income Fee, Issue Fee, Minimum Fee, Miscellaneous Fee 1, Miscellaneous Fee 2, Miscellaneous Expense, Operator Fee, Postage And Insurance, Principal Fee, Purchased Interest, Report Fee, SEC Fee, Special Holding Fee, and Special Issue Fee. 

Schwab VA Core

Partnering with Schwab and the enhancements they have made to their variable annuity data feed, we have enhanced our data feed to include holdings, transaction, price, security, and name files. 

Apex Clearing Cost Basis

We have partnered with Apex Clearing to add both realized and unrealized cost basis to the integration. This data can be used to enhance the trading experience or be included in reports.