Streamline Your Report Builder Organization

One of the most popular apps in Orion Connect, Report Builder can help you shine during client meetings! In this week’s Tech Tip, we’ll show you how to organize your folders so you can get to your most important data quickly.


When using Report Builder, there are several user groups who have access to folders and saved elements. Since there are many different groups creating materials, it may become difficult to identify the appropriate and standard elements you’re looking for.


By selecting which groups have access to selected saved elements, it will cut down on the navigation time each user experiences when using the Report Builder app because there will be less folders to search through.


To limit the access of custom saved elements:

Select the pencil icon when hovering over the name of the element.

After selecting the pencil icon, select the “Access” option in the bottom left corner of the new window.

After selecting “Access,” the ability to update the visibility of the element will become available.

To ensure that the only person that has access to this element is yourself, all levels should be cleared of access except for the “User” option under “Access Level” on the left side of the window.

Best Practices:

Below are some tips for different user types within the Report Builder app.

Login Level: should never be used for capturing saved elements, as any elements saved at this level will be available to all users for the access level assigned. For example, if an element is saved at the Advisor level, all Advisor level users using Orion will have access.

Role: should only be used for instances where a specific group of users should have access to the specified saved element.   

User: should be used for any custom saved elements where the user has requested that they not be shared.

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