Welcome Home

Run your day. Crush your goals. Repeat.

Introducing Orion Connect: REIMAGINED


Take the guesswork out of your day.

The Orion home experience surfaces the details that matter most to you—decided by you—so you can prioritize your day-to-day appropriately.

Shape your own experience.

No two advisors care about the exact same things. That’s why you have the flexibility to choose your home experience cards, the data they display, and the layout of your dashboard.

Your Home Experience


to show data most meaningful to your business


to get where you want to go, faster


to make running your business more fun

Do more work in less time.

Each card provides one-click navigation to access more information, meaning you never have to remember where the data lives in Orion.

Manage your clients’ accounts effectively.

Through a simple client search, a slick portfolio tree offers the information you need to make more informed decisions: account summaries, goals, allocation details, and performance.

Take quick action on tasks you do every day.

Need to open an account? Or run a quick report? Do so directly through your home experience—no need to jump to other parts of the platform.

Drill down into advisor-specific data.

Are you an admin or executive looking to quickly evaluate an advisor? Simply filter your dashboard by advisor to analyze the health of his or her book.

Experience a better way to run your day.

Schedule a demo to see how the all-new Orion home experience can increase your productivity, simplify your workflows, and help you crush your goals.