Marry Consistency & Customization

Orion can help Aggregators like you deliver a best-in-class experience to your firm, advisors, and end-clients.


Unlimit Your Possibilities

With a greater brand presence, comes a deepening responsibility to create a unified, yet personalized experience across your book of business.

Struggling to maintain consistency for your brand and tech experience across your firms?
What You Need

We understand that your firms are an extension of your brand, which is why our client portal, bill statements, and reports can be fully customized to however you prefer to be recognized.

Looking to consolidate and optimize firm-wide reporting?
What You Need

Breeze through quarter-end with powerful batch reports, business insights across your firms and reps, and composite performance for management style, model, and more.

Fighting to create more efficient processes to manage your firms?
What You Need

Advancements in tech are great, but only you can find the time to leverage them. Thankfully, Orion’s technology  is fast, intuitive, and easy to learn—so you can get more work done, faster.

See How Easy It Is To Streamline Operations

Orion’s technology helps firms across the country scale operational processes, regardless of how they run their respective businesses. We did it for BAM Advisor Services, and we can do it for you too.




Reputation Is The Currency For Growth

Our tools can help you build the brand and the offering that will help you reach your highest goals.