Make Better Business Decisions

Orion’s business intelligence tools help you easily gather and synthesize insights about your firm, so you can make more informed business decisions.

See Clear Opportunities To Grow Strategically

Get Critical Intel, Instantly

Leverage pre-built or custom dashboards for at-a-glance views of the metrics most crucial to your firm.


Perform Objective Analysis in Real-Time

Up-to-date data—refreshed daily by Orion’s reconciliation experts—helps you objectively solve challenges, identify new opportunities, and run your firm more efficiently.


Integrate Outside Tools for Additional Insights

Connect and integrate a range of third-party business intelligence tools for greater control and analysis of the data essential to your firm’s success.


Expand Knowledge Across Your Firm

Validate Your Value

Ensure your fees are competitive by comparing them against industry benchmarks.

Benchmark your fees against other Orion advisors who offer similar services.


Gain a better understanding of your business by analyzing fees by model portfolio and management style.


Filter accounts and clients by fee value to see annualized fee amounts at a glance.

Aggregated Business Insights

Immerse yourself in the details of your billing patterns, AUM numbers, and revenue targets in a single view to identify new or more opportunities.

Scrutinize crucial billing metrics like fee schedules by total AUM or by billed market value, filterable by custodian, management style, advisor, and more.


Stay on top of AUM movement with dashboards created by account, client, management style, custodian, and other factors.


Keep a close eye on your total and average advisory fee revenues by quarter or month—and by client, account, and advisor.


Detailed Performance Metrics

Be aware of exactly what’s happening across your firm so you can measure—and maintain—progress toward your goals.

Compare AUM and revenue numbers by advisor to see who is leading your firm’s growth.


Analyze technology usage metrics to identify the best practices that have been adopted and those that require attention.


Track progress toward the implementation goals set with your Orion team, and see which technology training modules advisors have completed.


increased staff efficiency by up to 50% since implementing Orion.

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"We’re in a big data world and we had small data. Now with Orion, we have access to the kind of big data we needed."
- Bill Glubiak, CEO, Cedar Brook Financial

Works Well With:


HiddenLevers is quickly becoming the premier portfolio stress testing solution for both portfolio managers and financial advisors everywhere. HiddenLevers integrates with Orion to deliver two-way data flow between platforms, among other capabilities. 


Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®. Orion integrates with the standard Riskalyze features, as well as their Autopilot and Compliance Cloud platforms. 

ATA Riskstation

ATA RiskStation™ was developed to meet the portfolio risk oversight needs of wealth managers, hedge funds, family offices, pension plans, and endowments. This integration provides access to your Orion database in ATA RiskStation to calculate risk and create detailed reports, in mass, daily.


Make Sense of Data Flowing Through Your Firm

Learn how one advisory firm leveraged Orion’s business intelligence tools to better inform their critical decisions.

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