Top 10 Blogs of 2018

Before all of the fireworks, bubbly toasting and of course, the big countdown begins, we thought we’d end 2018 with a countdown of our own. See what you and all of the other Orion followers read most this year with the 10 most popular blogs from 2018!

#10 Know What You’re Getting Before Your Technology Conversion

Converting to a new technology system doesn’t have to be difficult.  Get the inside knowledge on which type of technology conversion is best for your firm, and learn how Orion supports new advisors who convert to its award-winning portfolio management platform in one of our most popular blogs from 2018.

#9 5 Tips for Breakaways Evaluating the Advisor Tech Landscape

As a breakaway advisor, one of the biggest decisions you’re likely facing is evaluating and choosing the best advisor technology to suit your needs. So it’s easy to see why our 5 tips blog for getting started so you make the right decision the first time was one of our most popular blogs this year.

#8 5 Ways Orion can Support Your Growth in Becoming a Billion-Dollar Firm

As your firm grows, so do your technology demands; but not every technology partner is equipped to meet your highly-specialized needs. #8 in our countdown shows you how Orion’s technology can support your growing needs to help you reach your goals.

#7 Optimizing SMA Portfolios with ASTRO

In #7, we check out how to simplify custom portfolio construction including building tax-efficient SMA portfolios with Orion’s ASTRO tool – saving you time without compromising your clients’ service experience.

#6 Here’s How to Introduce the Orion Client Portal to Your Clients

Identifying and communicating the benefits of a client portal is critical if you want them to use your new software tool. Discover how to prepare both your staff and clients to reap the benefits of Orion’s Client Portal in our #6 top blog of 2018!

#5 Are You Billing Average Daily Balance?

There are a lot of ways for advisory firms to collect fees from clients. You can withdraw fees automatically from a chosen account, or allow clients to pay by credit card, check, or invoice. But before an advisor can collect, you must first determine how to calculate fees. Find out how to create less stress for employees, and calculate more accurate bills with an Average Daily Balance billing method in this top blog post from 2018.

#4 The Advantage of Having Your Trading System as Part of Your Portfolio Accounting Platform

Our #4 blog is all about saving you time. With Orion Connect and Eclipse™, your firm can utilize a completely integrated portfolio accounting and trading system that keeps your entire team in sync and save time in the process. Check out the top reasons why it’s an advantage to have your trading system be part of your portfolio accounting platform.

#3 Your Top 9 Alternative Investment Questions Answered

Alternative investments are a growing part of investors’ portfolios so it makes sense that our #3 top blog of 2018 is all about getting those alternative questions answered! Check out our blog and learn how simple it can be to track and report on alternatives in Orion.

#2 12 Things That Should be on Every RIAs Holiday Wish List

In all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, readers found time to check out our #2 blog, 12 Things That Should be on Every RIAs Wish List to make shopping for their business simple this year!

#1 5 New Customization Features to Try in Report Builder 3.0

2018 was the year of personalization – so it’s no wonder why our #1 blog of 2018 shows how Orion’s new Report Builder makes reporting easy with customizable reports and features to meet your clients’ unique needs. Check out the top five features to help create custom client experiences.

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