Access Your Data Faster with Improved Orion Connect Search Speed

Your data is only as useful as how quickly you can…well…use it. That’s precisely why we invested heavily in rewriting the full code behind our search engine. Now, when you use the search bar in Orion Connect, you’ll return results much faster than ever before.

But we’re going one step further by giving you additional flexibility to control the speed of your searches through a new search option. Either way, the speed will be faster than what you’ve previously experienced, but now you can choose whether you’d like to be a White Throated Needletail or Peregine Falcon— the alleged two fastest animals in the world.

How It Works

We added a control to the search options called “Use ‘contains’ Search.” When selected, Orion Connect will search for records that contains the characters in the search in the order that the characters are entered. For example, if “123” is searched, Orion Connect will work to return any record that contains “123” in that order, and in any part of that record: beginning, middle, or end. Generally, “Use ‘contains’ Search” is most helpful when searching for account numbers.

When “Use ‘contains’ Search” is not selected, Orion Connect will search for records that simply start with the characters in the search. Consequently, it will avoid searching for those same characters that might appear in the middle or end of records. 

While search speed will undoubtedly be faster whether or not “Use ‘contains’ Search” is selected, for the fastest results, you’ll want to unselect the button. 

Your Default Option

Your search options will default to “Use ‘contains’ Search” being selected. Remember, this will return records slower than if the button were unselected. We will prompt you to change your settings to realize faster search speeds.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to Otherwise, we look forward to your search soaring as fast as that Peregine Falcon!