Extend Your Capabilities with Cloud-based Trading

The cloud might be an ethereal concept, but the technology behind this catch phrase is rock solid hardware. When we talk about a cloud-based software solution, it’s powered by heavy-duty servers that do the hard work to provide the computational power you need for trading on a mass scale.

When we talk about cloud-based trading with the Eclipse™ trading platform, we have our feet set firmly on the ground with tried-and-tested solutions that result in speed and performance enhancements for you.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at why cloud-based trading is important, and how it helps your firm to scale up as you grow without adding additional overhead or personnel to your team.

The Need for Speed

From its inception in its development cycle, Eclipse™ was built with speed in mind. Because whether you’ve thought about it or not, when we’re using software, we all have a little bit of Maverick in us.


If you rely only on your computer’s power, your experience with software will depend on the computer you’re using at the time.

Running a fully loaded 2017 model? You’re going to be blazing fast.

Stuck on a 1995 PowerBook? You can probably brew a cup of coffee in the time it takes even a simple website to load.

While creating Eclipse™, we wanted to make sure to give you the best experience possible, so we went the extra step and built Eclipse™ with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its foundation.

When we say we wanted to focus on speed with Eclipse™, we’re serious.

Syncing in the Cloud

Cloud-based apps, like Orion Connect and Eclipse™, allow you access to your data from any Internet connected device because there’s no software for you to install.

In addition to enhanced access, the capabilities that Eclipse™ receives from AWS are also numerous from a connectivity standpoint. Regardless of the amount of trades you need to place or accounts you need to rebalance, there will be space on the servers and the computational power you need for a fast process.

The AWS backend automatically clears server space, and adds memory to handle the orders you need to place. It’s all done in real-time, out of sight, and you never have to worry about placing too many trades at once – the system scales up to handle your amount of trades.

The system will know how to allocate resources, and how much you need at any given time. Because of this, Eclipse™ should run at optimal speeds, all the time.

(Because we’re in financial services, please accept our disclaimer here that we cannot guarantee optimal speeds for every database, though we believe our tests and data to be reliable.)

The sync of data into Eclipse™ has also been beefed up because of the AWS foundation. Orion Connect and Eclipse™ are built on a separate back-end platform, so when you use Eclipse™, we are syncing data from your Orion database into the trading platform. Essentially, Eclipse™ acts as a standalone app within Orion Connect.

What does this mean for you? If in the event that Orion Connect should have a rare service disruption, Eclipse™ as a stand-alone trading app will not be affected because it is set up on a different foundation.

Getting Started

Eclipse™ will launch later this year and will be available to all Orion clients*. If you have any questions about our cloud-based trading platform and what your team needs to do to prepare, please contact our SME Trading Team.

*Additional fees apply.

About Jared Jollensten
Jared Jollensten serves as a Trading Product Manager for Orion’s Trading team. Jared was born and raised in Nebraska and won’t be caught rooting for any team other than the Huskers.