File 13F Securities Reports Seamlessly with Help from the Orion Compass App

There are few certainties in life and even fewer in the financial industry except for this: the regulatory environment is complex and bound to keep increasing in its complexity.

That’s why we developed Orion’s Compass app; to help you create a compliance testing regimen that can automatically run the right reports when you need them -– including a regulatory filing dashboard that allows you to capture all of your Form ADV and 13F regulatory reporting numbers with one click!

Filing a 13F securities report can be a manual, time-intensive operation – but it doesn’t have to be. In this week’s Tech Tip, we’ll show you how Orion’s Compass app can help you skip the task of manually cross-checking your clients’ securities with the SEC’s quarterly 13F list – saving time and decreasing the chance for errors. Let’s dive in…

How are 13F Securities Identified in Orion?

Each quarter, the SEC publishes a 13F securities list that is uploaded to Orion Connect. When you’re ready to run your report, the system compares the securities in your client database against the securities on the SEC’s 13F list.

How to Run Your 13F Report from the Compass App

1. Go to Compass>Disclose: Dashboard.
2. Change the “As-of” date (upper right corner) to the last day of the quarter, then refresh your screen.
a. This will ensure you have the 13F values for the last day of the quarter.
3. The “13F Securities Value” is the aggregated total of ALL securities within your client database that match the SEC’s 13F Securities list.
4. Click “Run”

Things to Note

1. The securities returned are ONLY those that meet the SEC’s requirement of $200k or $10k per share.
2. Market values are rounded to the thousandth decimal, per the SEC’s requirements.
3. Values may differ between what is displayed in Orion and the 13F Securities report after you click “Run”.

If you have additional questions about what was covered in this article, please contact the SME Compliance team at compliance@orionadvisor.com.

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