Financial Planning: The Remedy for Reactive Decisions During Market Volatility

Remember the old Boy Scout adage, “Always be prepared?”

Traditionally, that wisdom referred to bringing an extra water bottle on a long hike. But as COVID-19 panic spreads across the nation—and the markets—it’s worth examining in the context of our industry. 

Are you prepared for a volatile market? And more importantly, are your clients? 

In times like these, it’s essential to ground your clients in the big picture—their long-term goals and progress trajectory—instead of short-term hysteria.

Financial planning provides that critical foundation by:

  • Establishing long-term client goals as the basis for investment decisions, which helps to keep clients from becoming reactive in response to what they’re seeing on the news every day.
  • Helping to ease concerns about the future with Monte Carlo simulations and “What If” scenarios that take into account situations like COVID-19. The ability to look at projected outcomes based on actual facts and figures can keep clients from spinning out the absolute worst cases in their imaginations.
  • Increasing transparency—and therefore trust—by giving your clients the ability to check their progress anytime via a client portal and mobile app. Access is empowerment, and in times like these, it’s important to reduce factors adding to uncertainty. 

A study conducted by the Journal of Financial Planning found that financial planning tools and techniques added measurable value for clients during another period of financial stress and uncertainty: the Great Recession in the early 2000s. At its core, the study states, financial planning puts clients, not portfolio issues, at the center of recommendation development.*At its core, financial planning puts clients, not portfolio issues, at the center of recommendation development. Click To Tweet

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