Innovate on the Fundamental’s at Ascent 2019 On the Road

What ideas does the word “innovate” bring into your mind? Perhaps images of the great inventors of the 20th century, people like Thomas Edison who seemingly changed the world with his groundbreaking creations time and time again. Or maybe you think of tech moguls like Elon Musk, elevating the pages of science fiction from purely into an audacious reality.

But to us, the title of “innovator” is not reserved for the few. To us, innovation can be found from people like Robert Crandall – the former American Airlines executive who saved $40,000 per year removing a single olive from first-class salads. To us, an innovator is Spencer Silver, the 3M chemist who added low-tack adhesive to memo cards creating what is today a staple of offices around the world – Post-It Notes.

To us, the greatest innovations happen when a small change sparks major improvements.

We believe these opportunities for innovation are everywhere for advisory firms and it’s our goal for “Ascent 2019 on the Road” is to help you discover just that!

What to Expect at this Year’s Events

You may have heard that last year, we welcomed over 700 of the best and brightest industry professionals to our Ascent premiere user conference in Miami, Florida. But this year, we’re innovating our old game plan, joining forces with our amazing integration partners and bringing Ascent to a city near you! Our subject matter experts are getting ready to hit the road to bring you everything you’ve come to expect from an Orion event — targeted training sessions, inspirational keynote speakers, industry experts, and one-on-one tech consultation sessions all geared towards helping advisors — both existing platform users and those looking to leverage new technology — learn how to “Innovate on the Fundamentals.”

Today, advisors are continuously challenged to disrupt their business, which can seem like a daunting task and with Ascent on the Road, we want to show advisors that in order to innovate, disrupt and win, they don’t have to flip their business on its head. They can ‘Innovate on the Fundamentals’ by simply reimagining ways to provide value and powerful experiences with the help of smart and scalable technology solutions.

Join Us On the Road

For advisors who are looking to Innovate, Disrupt and Win in the years ahead, attending Ascent on the Road will give you opportunities to expand your circle of influence and learn what others are doing so you can implement positive changes in your own practice. Don’t miss your chance to meet us in the following cities:

For more information about pricing, agendas, speakers and more visit the Ascent 2019 website.

See you on the road!