Let Ascent Help You Lead the Way

If you’re hitting the road this summer, chances are you or your copilot will pull up some sort of mobile maps application to navigate to where you’re going. Loaded with features and more accurate than ever, your maps application reduces route complications and equips you to answer the dreaded “how much longer?”

You could get to your destination without it, but the trip would be a lot more complicated. If you’re trying to navigate the Orion platform, your best guide is our Ascent online training app.

Whether you’re an advisor that’s new to Orion, a new employee of an Orion client, or you’ve been with Orion for years and need to catch up on some of the newer technology we’ve released, the Ascent app is learner-driven and intuitive, helping familiarize you with Orion Connect. As you increase your confidence and competency by completing various Learning Trails, you can even become Orion Certified.

In this post, we’ll look at how this tool is the perfect companion to your journey with Orion, and provide an overview of the Ascent app itself.

Get Acquainted

You can access the Ascent app by logging into your Orion Connect account. If you haven’t registered for an Ascent account yet, hover over the app and click the “Not Registered? Click Me!” button (an auto-registration feature is coming soon).

Once you’re in the app, there are a couple sections you’ll want to pay attention to. On the left you have your courses. The courses menu shows you the different Trails, and drop down arrows display courses within each Trail. Completed courses will show a checkmark next to the title, and also show up under the “completed” tab.

The main horizontal box displays information about the highlighted course. This includes a brief description, your progress, score and last activity, and allows you to either resume or review the course.

In addition to the informational videos, you’ll find Handouts attached under each course that can be downloaded as supplements, in case you need to reference them later.


Hit the Trail

The Ascent training program is composed of 13 Learning Trails, each based around a piece of key system functionality. Of those Learning Trails, we’ve built more than 100 courses for you to take.

When you first begin, we recommend you start with the Implementation and ‘Getting Started’ Trails. These give you an introduction to the Ascent program, Orion, and cover the basics of Orion Connect.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can walk you through the different areas of Orion’s system relevant to the work you need to get done. The Learning Trails include:


Data Reconciliation Trail

New Accounts Trail

Reporting Trail

Reporting Expert Trail

Billing Trail

Billing Expert Trail

Performance Trail

Market Data Trail

Trading Trail

Integrations Trail

Quarter and Month End Processing Trail


Once you’ve completed the Learning Trails you need, you’re ready to go! Of course, if you have questions, we’re here to help! All the assistance you need is easily available in Orion Assist. Just log in, find the right Subject Matter Expert team, and launch an online chat for quick access to fast answers.

Ready for more? Register to attend our Ascent user conference here to get even more Orion knowledge and have some fun while you’re at it.



About Bob Lamberty
Bob Lamberty serves as a manager for Orion’s Training and Engagement team. Bob is a Nebraska native who loves exercising, 80’s music, and telling dad jokes.