OmniGuide Chat Bots Help Orion Service Teams Provide Quick Solutions

The robots are taking over! Well not really, but they are here to help provide quick solutions during your chat conversations! With the new OmniGuide Chat Bots, you’ll be able to engage more effectively with our Subject Matter Expert (SME) team members and get answers to your questions fast so you can get back to your business. Let’s dive in!


OmniGuide chatbots have been set up for several of our SME teams. As you engage in chat conversations, the chatbots will pop up to offer helpful solutions to your questions so you can get the answers you’re looking for even faster; saving you valuable time.

Each of our SME teams are building responses to common questions that come up during chats. Since they are built by humans, the responses are meant to be conversational, not robotic. Unlike knowledge articles, which are a repository of lengthy FAQ articles, Omniguide responses are designed to be short and logically flow in dynamic and complex conversations. Let’s check out a sample conversation…

Advisor: I have a question about performance for an account.
Advisor: Can I share my screen with you?
Omniguide: Sure thing! I’ll send you a request now!
SME team member: Let’s go to the performance viewer app and take a look at the account.
Advisor: How do I get out of billing lockdown?
Omniguide: Bill generator > Bill instance > Lockdown maintenance


We know your time is valuable. Getting the answers you need, when you need them, not only creates a smoother service experience, but it also allows you to get back to what really matters: your business! By not having to type out or look up the answer to every question that comes up during the chat session, Orion’s SME team members can drastically reduce the length of each engagement.

In fact, our goal is to have an OmniGuide response incorporated into EVERY chat by 6/30/2019 to further enhance your service experience!


The chatbots are internal facing. When you chat with one of our SME team members, you won’t notice that there is a chatbot helping out. When Omniguide prompts a suggested response, the service team member can choose to send the response as is, update it, or ignore it and type out his or her own response. And we’re constantly improving! We’re analyzing the frequency of use to each Omniguide prompt and improving its effectiveness over time.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about how the new OmniGuide Chat Bots can help improve your service experience, please contact Amanda Steinspring for more information or log into Orion Support and start up a chat with one our SME Teams.


About Eddie Sempek
Eddie Sempek serves as Orion's Chief Innovation Officer. He has worked in several roles at Orion and now oversees the team of tech consultants. He enjoys helping firms in their strategic planning and implementation of technology.