Tech Tip Tuesday: Quarter-End Dashboard Customization

Today’s Tech Tip Tuesday post makes crossing off your quarter-end to-do list simple! Let’s dive in and see how you can customize your quarter-end process with Orion’s “Quarter-End Dashboard.”

Quarter-End Dashboard Customization

With Orion’s Quarter-End Dashboard, you can easily see who in your firm is responsible for completing specific tasks, and efficiently review and approve completed tasks. But, remember there’s another great feature that can help enhance your quarter-end process: customizable dashboards that better fit your firm’s unique quarter-end process.

How To Access This Feature

1. Open one of your monthly or quarterly dashboards and select “Add/Edit Tasks” from the Actions drop-down.

2. Orion pre-populates critical audits that should be reviewed prior to running bills and statements each month/quarter. You choose the order that you’d like to see them appear by clicking the up and down arrows next to each task.

3. Select “Add New Task” and choose a task type to customize a particular section of the dashboard. Each section has its own “Add New Task” drop-down.

  • Add Basic Task – Type in a task that needs to be completed
  • Add Link Task – Type in a task that needs to be completed and link to Portfolio Audit, Billing Audit, or Products & Prices in Orion, or an external website
  • Add Data Query Task – Select a Data Query that needs to be run
  • Add Report Task – Select a Report that needs to be run
  • Add Note – Add a note to the dashboard
  • Basic Tasks, Link Tasks, Data Query Tasks, and Report Tasks will have an accompanying Sign-Off button. Notes do not have a Sign-Off button.

4. Select “Task Editing Complete” to save your changes.

Remember, monthly dashboard changes do not impact quarterly dashboard changes and vice versa.

The functionality covered in Tech Tip Tuesday is available and ready to use right now in Orion Connect. If you want more training about the apps and tools covered in this article, log into Orion Socialto access our full knowledge base, and use the Ascent app for online, on-demand training resources.

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