Tech Tip Tuesday: Unmanaged Assets for Performance

Today’s Tech Tip is focuses on a question that is so important and asked so often of our support team.

If your firm reports on assets that you don’t manage, you’ll want to read the full post below to ensure you have all the details you need to create reports that do exactly what you want them to do.

Let’s start.

Tech Tip: Unmanaging Assets for Performance

Sometimes advisors will ask us if an asset or account can still show up on reports, but not be included in performance.

Is this possible in Orion? Absolutely!

This is an important feature to understand because it allows you to give clients a complete view of all their assets, even the ones you don’t manage, while still providing them with accurate performance calculations.

You may be familiar with unmanaging an asset or an account by simply un-checking the “managed” box in the account or asset editor. Doing this will exclude the asset or account from both performance and reporting.

To keep the asset or account included in reporting, an additional step is needed. (Keep reading to see how to set this up).

How Do I Access This Feature?

From the account or asset editor screen in Portfolio Audit, click on Options:

Once on the Options screen, you will need to click on the reports section, and then click on the grey bar next to the “Unmanaged Assets Inclusion” parameter.

After you click on the parameter, a box will appear with options to select.

You will want to choose everything except performance. This is basically telling our system what you want the asset or account to be included in.

If you don’t want the asset included in performance, don’t check performance–easy, right?

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