The Data Query Time Saver You Probably Aren’t Using

Let’s play a quick game: what do these three things have in common?

  • Crock pots.
  • Automatic bill pay.
  • Amazon’s subscription service.

If you’re having trouble connecting the dots, think about the central value they each provide: convenience. “Set it and forget it” is a real thing in a world where it can actually be easier to subscribe to toilet paper online than find the time to pick it up at the store.

And Orion is all about making your business simpler, more streamlined, and yes, more convenient. That’s why we offer the ability to schedule data queries right from your home page, whether you need your reports daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis.

Running queries probably isn’t the most time-consuming part of your day, but setting them up manually every time you need data can quickly turn into a hassle, especially as other tasks build up while you’re busy focusing on the rest of your business.. Even worse, if you forget to run a query, you could end up missing critical compliance issues.

With Orion, you can customize your queries to make sure you get the data you need exactly when you need it. And setting up your scheduled queries is as easy as ordering toilet paper (or slow cooking a pot roast).

  1. From the Orion Connect home page, select the Queries app.
  2. Choose your query, then click the Clock icon to open the Data Query Scheduler.
  3. In the Scheduler, determine how often you want to receive your query: daily, weekly, or monthly.
  4. Set a start date for your query to begin. If you only want the query to run for a specific amount of time, provide an end date as well.
  5. Finally, add the time of day you’d like the query to run.
  6. Click Schedule to finalize your selections.

That’s it. Really, that’s it. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll start receiving your queries in your inbox under “Notifications.”

Now, the obvious next question: What will you do with all the time you save?

Want to start setting up your scheduled queries right away? Click here to to log into Orion Support and chat with our SME Team today.

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