Get Started with Orion’s New Client Portal

Upgrade Your Client Portal Game

Introducing the Newly Improved Orion Client Portal.

Get started with the industry’s only true personal financial management experience by signing up here to be onboarded.

Be sure to check out the full process below and download our client communications kit for help in delivering the new portal to your clients.


Step 1:

Contact Our Support Team

If you aren’t already set up in the Orion Planning Platform, now is the time to do so by contacting the Implementation Team using the form above.

Our team will grant you access to the platform and help show you around, answering any questions you may have in the process. You can also reference our FAQ, available here.

Step 2:

Download and Customize
Our Pre-Built Templates

Now is also a great time to reach out to clients and let them know that their online portal is about to get much better. To make your outreach even easier and more effective, we created a number of client communication templates your team can leverage as you reach out. Also included is a checklist to help ensure you don’t miss any important details:

Email Announcement Template


Fact Sheet




New Client Portal Launch Checklist


Step 3:

Flip the Switch

To officially get all your clients onto the new portal, simply reach back out to the support team and we’ll do all the work behind the scenes using a redirect we built into the system. That way, once your team is ready to “flip the switch”, all your clients will be redirected to the new portal using the same login and credentials as before. Plus, all their investment data, documents, and account balances will be there waiting for them.

Step 4:

Experience a Stronger Advisor-Client Relationship

Engaged clients are happy, loyal clients. With the new client portal at their fingertips, your clients are empowered to stay invested in their journey toward financial wellness—and to collaborate with you.

Within the portal, clients can view financial planning and portfolio data side-by-side, helping to draw the valuable connection between progress toward goals and investment strategy. Video chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing services offered through the portal make it easy for you and your clients to stay in touch.

Comprehensive, modern, and intuitive, the new client portal does more than enhance the client experience: it seamlessly places you at the center of your clients’ financial well-being.

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