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Sleeves in the Tactical Tool (Phase 1)

You can now load sleeved portfolios into the tactical tool and review the allocations of each model assigned to a sleeve. Selecting an account will update the model information displayed.  Future releases will include the portfolio level target to individual models. Please reach out to the trading service team if you would like to turn this functionality on.

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolios > Three dot > Tactical Tool
Journal Cash Only Rebalance

The journal only rebalance will move cash between sleeves, but will not create any trades or create any journals on positions.The purpose of this is to bring sleeves back into tolerance, but avoid creating trades.This way individuals can manually raise cash or spend cash in the individual sleeves on their own time.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade tools > Rebalance > Rebalance type
Focused Rebalance

We have renamed the tactical rebalance to focused rebalance.  It can also now be accessed inside the rebalancer itself as one of the rebalancer types. In addition to this enhanced experience, we have added two new protection logics for cash. One to only use cash from sell trades, and another that will require using the proceeds from sells (meaning any sell trades is evenly balanced with buys, even if buys are going over target).

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade tools > Rebalancer
Add Database Prefix to Custodian in Eclipse

We have added the database prefix to custodians in Eclipse for our clients who have multiple Orion Connect databases. This will allow you to easily distinguish between the different custodians created with the daily import.

How to get there: Eclipse > Import
Sleeve Strategy Aggregates

Orion will no longer assign “sleeve strategies” to registrations, but will rather assign “sleeve strategy aggregates”.  Every sleeve strategy will automatically create a sleeve strategy aggregate with the same name and 100% weighting.  This will allow for the same process for all clients, and all current users will be automatically updated from the strategy to strategy aggregate without being impacted.

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolio Audit > Registration > Sleeve Setup
Account Post Trade Holding % on Orders Grid

We have added the ability to see a holding’s post trade percentage (of the account value) to the Eclipse Orders grid.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Orders

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