September 2021

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New Campaign: Some Things Are Better Together

Help clients keep better track of their investments and goals and realize the value of combining financial tech with personalized advice, by promoting your Client Portal as an easy-to-use platform that brings their financial life together, as part of their relationship with your team.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Marketor > Campaign Library
New Campaign: High Tech, High Touch

Help clients understand how you keep their financial wellness always within reach by pairing personalized service with the latest turnkey technology resources.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Marketor > Campaign Library

Client Portal

Fidelity Statements (coming soon)

In the coming days, clients will be able to view their Fidelity custodial statements directly in the Client Portal. Clients will appreciate the added convenience of now having everything in one easy-to-access location.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Document Vault > Fidelity Documents


New Strategists on Communities

Orion welcomes new strategists  to Communities, our robust model marketplace. Here’s the list of who has recently joined the platform: 

  • Hilton Capital Management 
  • Peregrine Capital Management 
  • Integra Capital Management 
  • Columbus Macro 
  • Sustainable Growth Advisers


Learn more about these strategists on our Communities Corner.

Investment Management

Model Import Primary Product Type and Asset Classification

We have added the ability to import the Primary Product Type and Asset Classifications for models in Eclipse via the Model Import. 

How to get there: Eclipse > Models > All Models > Actions > Model Import
Billing Cash Multiplier (Billing Integration Coming Soon)

We are actively working on a new process to automatically sync each account’s advisory fee into Eclipse with the click of a button. When generating bills, you will be able to automatically sync each account’s fee into Eclipse at the click of a button.  Once it reaches Eclipse, you are able to set aside that specific dollar amount, or multiply the dollar amount to hold more or less than the fee.  This way, if you run fees monthly, but only rebalance quarterly, you could set aside 3 months of fees to avoid additional trades.  


With this release, we will only be adding the Multiplier in Eclipse.  This way you can set up your preferences in anticipation for the full release of this tool in an upcoming build.

How to get there: Eclipse > Administrator > Preferences


Dropbox Token Updates - Action Required

Dropbox serves as one of the integration partners for cloud storage. They have recently made a security enhancement that required Orion to modify and update the method through which we authenticate and store tokens for the cloud storage integration. 

This update requires that all users of the integrations (advisor, rep, and client) must reconnect the integration upon this rollout. The integration will simply appear disconnected, requiring the user to reconnect, enter their credentials, and then the integration will work as expected.

This will be required of all users whether they are connected via the AdvisorShared or MyUser setup.

How to get there: (Advisors or Reps) Orion Connect > Reporting > Cloud Storage Integration OR Client Experience > Settings > Documents > Advisor Cloud Storage OR (Clients) Client Portal > Documents or Document Vault > Cloud Storage
YourStake adds Impact Reporting through Integration

ESG platform leader YourStake currently provides integration with Orion through an SSO, a portfolio import, and ESG preferences for the Eclipse and Astro platforms. Now to further add value when communicating the impact and value of ESG portfolios to your clients, YourStake has added an export feature that will PUSH an ESG impact report through the API to your Documents on a household making it immediately available to the Client in the Orion Client Portal.

How to get there: Client Portal > Documents or Document Vault > YourStake Impact Report

Portfolio Interactions

Target Allocation in Portfolio View

Prior to this addition, the cards in the Target Comparison pointed to model data and not Target Allocation. With this update, we have added another sub-tab in the Portfolio View Allocation tab to reflect the data in the context of Target Allocations.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > Allocation tab > Target Allocation
Market Change with Income Setting

We have added an additional data source to calculate Market Change on the Portfolio Summary card in the Portfolio View. 

Market Change with Income = Market Value Increase/Decrease + Change in Bond Accrual + Dividends and Interest + Advisory Fees Paid

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > Summary tab > Portfolio Summary card > > Edit Card > Data Source
Sleeve Strategy Aggregate Grouping

In all Portfolio View cards that allow for groupings, we have added Sleeve Strategy Aggregate as an additional way for you to view your data. We wanted to reflect the availability of this grouping that was recently built in RB3 to allow our users to aggregate their data in this manner.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > … menu on cards > Groupings
Planning Tab in Portfolio View

Users who are not currently utilizing Orion Planning asked that we disable the Planning tab in the Portfolio View. After this release, if you do not have the Advizr privilege enabled in your role, the Planning tab will be off by default. If you would like to turn the Planning tab back on, you can do so in your Portfolio View settings. If the setting for the Planning tab is turned on, and the privilege is not enabled in your role, there will be a message in the cards stating the Advizr privilege is needed for data to populate.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio View > … top left > Settings > Portfolio Pages

Data Reconciliation

Additional Download Defaults

We have added four Download Defaults that can be set so that all accounts created through a download source automatically are set to the default chosen. The new download defaults are: Business Line, AUA Reportable, Wrap Managed, Wrap Sponsored

How to get there: These settings are only available internally. If you’d like to have any of the new or existing defaults enabled on a source for your database please contact the Recon Service team.
Newly Available Data Feeds

In Q3 the Interface Product Team completed the building and quality assurance checks on 10 new data feeds now available for full daily reconciliation.

  • Accutech Cheetah
  • Bremer Bank
  • PennMutual
  • Park National Bank – FiTek
  • Pacific Premier – Pensco Trust
  • Eaglebrook
  • BOK Financial
  • NixonPeabody
  • Huntington National Bank
  • Goldman Sachs
How to get there: If you’d like to request a new feed be established for any of the above interfaces please reach out to the Recon Service team or your firm's account advocate.


Currency In Custom Calculations

In recent months we added the ability for users to run reports in different currencies within Orion reports.  This is a continuation of that development – We are now bringing that currency adjustment into custom calculations that users have created.  It is important to note that this will only impact activity style custom calculations.

How to get there: Nothing to do here - this just now impacts custom calculations.
Default Report Access

A few months ago Orion made adjustments to which users got access to newly created reports in Orion.  This development led to some unintended roadblocks for some of our users, so we are rolling back this development and restoring it to what it was previously.  Report admins will again have access to all Representative level reports that are created in the system – making report management easier. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Custom Reports
Remove Unmanaged Journal Offsets from Activity

Over the last few years we’ve had a number of clients ask for a way to hide unmanaged journal offsets from our reports.  The feedback that we’ve gotten is often that “clients find this detail to be confusing.”  We’ve heard you and have added the ability for you to remove this detail from your reporting.  This option to hide unmanaged journals exists within the activity option control within your report settings.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Report Settings > Include Unmanaged Journals