February 2021

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Introducing a New Campaign Series: Behavioral Finance

Led by the insights of Orion’s own Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer, this new series introduces your clients and prospects to the unconscious behaviors that could be holding them back from reaching their goals and helps show how your insights can lead them to overcome these behaviors.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Campaigns

Client Portal

BluePay Integration

Clients who pay their management or planning fees via credit card or ACH can now enter their payment credentials in the new Client Portal for payment processing, powered by BluePay. Not using our new client portal yet? Learn more here. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Menu > Payment
Multiple Households Toggle

Clients with multiple households assigned to their login credentials in Manage Users can now toggle between those households in the new Client Portal. With this new feature, there is now no longer a need for clients to maintain multiple Client Portal logins. Not using our new client portal yet? Learn more here.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Menu > Select Desired Household
Custom Date Ranges

Clients can now view custom date ranges on the Summary and Performance pages in the new Client Portal. Adding this flexibility gives clients greater insight into how their portfolios are performing. Not using our new client portal yet? Learn more here.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Personal Finances > Summary tab/Performance tab


TLH and Tax Harvester Saved Views

We have added the ability to create custom views in the Tax Harvesting and TLH tools.  This way, when you go to tax harvest, you can see the exact columns necessary to execute quickly.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Trade Tools > TLH or Tax Harvester
Added Database Prefix to Custodians in Eclipse

We have added the database prefix to custodians in Eclipse for our clients who have multiple Orion Connect databases.  This will allow you to easily distinguish between the different custodians created with the daily import.  Please reach out to our service team if you would like this enabled.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Administrator > Custodians > Custodian Name
Household ID for Wash Sale Group Tracking in Eclipse

We have added the ability to use Household ID as the distinguisher for Wash Sale Groups instead of social security number.  This will allow clients who have different social security numbers, but the same household, to take each other’s transactions into account for wash sales.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Trade Tools
Model Aggregate Permission Import In Custom Imports

We have added the ability to import representative permissions for model aggregates, enabling users to assign representatives to model aggregates in Orion Connect en masse.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Custom Imports > Model Aggregate Permission Import

Investment Management

Five New Strategists Join Communities

This month, Communities welcomes fourteen new strategies to Orion’s robust model marketplace. Here’s a list of the asset managers joining the platform:

  • Logan Capital
  • Scarecrow Trading 
  • Dana Investment Advisors
  • LightPoint Portfolio Solutions/Beacon Wealth
  • Auour Investments

Learn more about these strategists on our Communities Corner.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Communities


Bi-Directional SSO with Pershing’s NetX360

Advisors now have the ability to move seamlessly back and forth between BNY Mellon | Pershing’s NetX360 platform and Orion Connect. The direct connection enhances the advisor experience with smarter navigation between platforms to access specific account records, balances and positions, key workflows, and more. Immediate access to Pershing statements, trade confirms, tax documents is also now available to advisors and investors in the Orion legacy Client Portal.

How to get there:

In Orion: Main SSO can be launched from the left sidebar > NetX360 app Contextual SSOs can be launched from Portfolio Audit > Pershing Account > Links > Pershing

In Pershing: Main SSO – NetX360 > Menu > Tools > Other Applications > Orion From a NetX360 Dashboard > Top Right Menu Button > Orion From a specific Account in NetX360: top right > “View Account in: Orion”

How to get there: See Above
Support for Multiple PLINK IDs with Pershing

With the launch of our Pershing Documents now available in the Client Experience, we wanted to further enhance this feature by adding support for firms with multiple PLINK IDs or ranges. This will ensure that larger firms where Pershing has assigned multiple IDs have full access to those client documents.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Documents > Pershing Documents
Orion/Focus Client Solutions Joint Venture

To help advisors create a centralized, more cohesive financial journey for their clients, Orion and Focus Client Solutions (FCS) launched a joint venture via an open architecture banking and lending solution. We have a limited beta program available today, and if you are interested in joining, please click here for more information and updates as we progress. As part our long-term roadmap, beginning this summer, advisors will be able to kick off new loan requests automatically, manage these loans within the Orion Client Portal, connect these loans to an investor’s financial plan via Orion Planning, and monitor the loan and showcase its value as an asset or liability through Orion’s custom and dynamic reporting capabilities.

For more information: Register for our webinar here.

Portfolio View

Link from Portfolio Audit

When viewing a Household/Portfolio Group/Registration/Account in Portfolio Audit, you are now able to navigate directly to that entity in the Portfolio View.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Select Entity in Grid > Links > Portfolio View
Application Dock Navigation

You’re in many Orion apps throughout your day. We have added the ability to open your apps into a new tab from the left sidebar in the Homepage/Portfolio View, so you can work as efficiently as possible.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Left Sidebar App List (don’t forget to right click: Favorite your most used apps!) > Open in New Tab


Report Default Settings

With the new Report Settings feature, advisors can increase their efficiency with default settings that are automatically applied to all new reports. This development will also work hand in hand with the default settings controls on Report Builder Data Tags. This feature is only available to those who have the Report Builder – Advanced Editor permission and can be enabled in the Manage Users app.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reports App > Left Side Bar : Report Settings


Additional Filters

Advisors with multiple databases now have the ability to filter based on those databases throughout the Compliance apps, Supervise and Disclose.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Compliance > Supervise or Disclose
Updated Questionnaires in Inform

Advisors now have another option for answers on questionnaires within Inform with the new functionality of checklist answers.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Compliance > Inform > Questionnaires

Performance and Composites

Performance Viewer - Portfolio Group Search Ability

Advisors can now go directly into a Portfolio Group right from the first page of Performance Viewer. All of the functionality available for the other entities will be available here.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Performance Viewer > Search Box > Portfolio Group
Composite Rule - Minimum Ending Value

Advisors now have the ability to set a Minimum Ending Value for accounts to be included into a composite. In the past we had a Minimum Value rule that only looked at beginning value for exclusion but we are now allowing for more flexibility and allowing for a new rule looking at ending value.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Composites > New Rule or Edit Existing Rule > Minimum Ending Value