June 2022

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Financial Planning

Plan Comparison Now Available in PDF

Within Orion Planning, users can model up to four planning scenarios side-by-side to illustrate the impact of different variables on a financial plan. With this latest development, users now have the ability to display the compare plans results in our customizable, downloadable PDF report. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Retirement > Compare Plans > Download PDF

Client Portal

Show $0 Assets in Performance

We have added the ability for advisors to not show their $0 value assets in the Performance Details section of the client portal. $0 value assets that impact performance for the period being displayed show by default when this setting is turned on. Firms will now have the ability to not show these by turning the setting off. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Experience > Settings > Portfolio > Show $0 Assets in Performance


Eclipse Assign TLH Alternate By Security Set

Allows a TLH Alternate to be set for a security set as a whole rather than for each security inside of the security set.

How to get there: Eclipse > Strategies > Security Sets > Select Security Set > Top RH Corner “Add TLH”
Eclipse FIX Mutual Fund Batch Reset

Allows a user to refresh the FIX Mutual Fund Batch Queue when a batch is stuck in a sent or executing status.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > FIX MF Batches > Actions > Refresh Grid

Portfolio Interactions

Portfolio Summary - Market Change with Income Update

We have updated the Market Change with Income setting on this card to now include dividend reinvested transactions. Market Change with Income = Market Value Increase/Decrease + Change in Bond Accrual + Dividends and Interest + Advisory Fees Paid + Dividend Reinvested.

How to get there: Portfolio View > Portfolio Summary > Card Settings > Market Change with Income
Portfolio Groups - Unassign Account When Moving Households

We have updated the process when moving a registration or account which is assigned to a Portfolio Group to a new Household. If a registration or account is moved from Household A to Household B, we will now remove the registration or account from any Portfolio Group associated with Household B. 

How to get there: Householding > Move Registration or Account
Coming Soon: HiddenLevers in Portfolio View

For users with the HiddenLevers privilege enabled, we have added access to the Risk Profile and Stress Test in the Portfolio View for ease of access to this functionality. While this won’t be available immediately post-release, it will be available in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes open for a pop-up in Orion Connect for when this is available!

How to get there: Portfolio View > Risk Profile/Stress Test


Salesforce - Full Sync Window

Orion’s Salesforce package now includes an update to the OrionSync visualforce page that allows the user to ‘block off’ time ahead of a scheduled Full Sync. If a database typically sees large numbers of updates throughout the day, your Salesforce Delta syncs may run longer than the allotted time frames, and could interfere with a scheduled Full sync- this new picklist allows the user to insert a Delta-less period ahead of the Full sync to ensure there are no conflicts.

How to get there: Salesforce > Setup > Visualforce Pages > OrionSync > Schedule
Riskalyze Risk Scores in Portfolio Audit

For firms that leverage Riskalyze, you now have the ability to see Riskalyze Risk scores in Portfolio Audit.


Target Score = Target in Riskalyze

Current score = Actual score for Client

Client Risk score = Proposed score for Client

Risk Score Dates = Date score was last updated


Portfolio Audit>Accounts>Columns>Add Column


Target Risk Score = Target Score

Current Risk Score = Actual Score

Risk Score Date = Date last updated


*We are planning to add similar features for HiddenLevers and 3D Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, stay tuned for more.

How to get there: Orion Connect>Portfolio Audit>Households>Columns>Add Column


(Beta) Report Packages

This is a Report Builder enhancement that allows users to run multiple reports for selected client(s) at the same time. This allows users more flexibility when it comes to creating client specific report packages. Beta testing includes the landing pages, overall layout, selecting reports, reviewing selections & generation of reports.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Report Builder > Custom Reports > Create Report Package (upper right hand corner)
Query/ Report Builder - Data Tags

We have added the following data tags: Wholesaler, Model Agg ID, Management Style, Abbreviation, Last Transaction, and Download Source.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Query > Query Builder > New/Edit Query > Next > Search Available Columns Orion Connect > Report Builder > Sub-Reports > New Sub-Report > Grouping Table
Query Builder Currency Enhancements

This enhancement will allow you to use a firm’s default currency selection based on the setting in firm profile.

How to get there: Firm Profile > Option Information > Reports > 'Default Currency' & Orion Connect > Query > Query Builder > New/Edit > Next until Filters/Prompts selection


Add Edit Timestamp To Account Audit History

This enhancement creates an audit history on the account level when a fee schedule is changed through the account editor modal, custom imports, or APIs. The audit history will record the username, date, and local time when an account’s fee schedule is changed from X to Y.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Accounts > or Orion Connect > Billing Audit > All Accounts
Prevent Deleting ‘Collect From’ Bill Entities

We are adding guardrails to prevent users from erroneously deleting a user-created Bill Entity that is being collected from another Bill Entity. For example, Bill Entity A is collected from Bill Entity B; this safeguard will now prevent Entity B from getting deleted. This does not apply to any system-generated Bill Entities, as they can not be deleted by default.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Firm Profile > Bill Entities
Minimum Payout on Related Households

We are extending this entity option ‘include related clients for minimum fees’ to consider minimum payout rates so that they match what is on the receivable side. The payout calculations would look to see if there is a minimum on the payout rate and apply it to that bill entity. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Firm Profile > Payout Schedules or Orion Connect > Billing Audit > Payout Schedules
Apply Minimum Payout on Fee Hierarchy

This enhancement will add the Fee Hierarchy to consider minimum payout rates to match what is on the receivable side. The payout calculations would look to see if there is a minimum on the payout rate and apply it to that bill entity. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Billing Audit> Fee Hierarchy