March 2021

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New Campaign: Behavioral Finance Part One

Now available in Market*r is the first part of an ongoing series of campaigns focused on an engaging subject: Behavioral Finance. With this first campaign, help investors develop an understanding of four common yet unconscious behavioral risk factors that could be keeping them from reaching their goals.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r > Campaign Library
New Campaign: New Year, New Goals

If 2020 was a year of challenges, 2021 is the year of possibilities. Inspire your audience to get back to living this year by making a plan to reach the goals they may have put on hold.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r > Campaign Library
Blog Posts

Now available in Market*r are a number of blog posts on some of the most popular financial topics. Personalize and download this pre-written content and deploy to your own blog with ease.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r > Assets > Filter by Blog Posts
Update to Daylight Savings Time

With the change-over to Daylight Savings Time, ensure that your instance of the Market*r platform adjusts accordingly by enabling the Daylight Savings Time check box within the “Language and Time” section.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r > Your Name in the top right > Language and Time > Enable DST
New Look and Feel for Social Post Setup

To make setting up social campaigns more efficient, we have updated the look and feel of the social post setup page. All the same functionality as before is still available only now with a more organized and streamlined interface.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Market*r

Client Portal

Ad Hoc Reporting

 Clients will have the ability to run ad hoc Orion reports inside the new client portal.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal > Reports > Portfolio Reports (The setting “Allow Ad Hoc Reports” needs to be turned on in the client experience app first)

Investment Management

New Strategists Join Communities

Communities welcomes new strategies to Orion’s robust model marketplace. Here’s the list of who has recently joined the platform: 

  • 12th Street Asset Management
  • Astor Investment Management
  • Cunningham Investment Management
  • The Cabana Group
  • Solomon API LP
  • Tandem
  • First Trust Advisors

Learn more about these strategists on our Communities Corner.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Communities


Sleeves in the Tactical Tool (Phase 1)

You can now load sleeved portfolios into the tactical tool and review the allocations of each model assigned to a sleeve. Selecting an account will update the model information displayed.  Future releases will include the portfolio level target to individual models. Please reach out to the trading service team if you would like to turn this functionality on.

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolios > Three dot > Tactical Tool
Journal Cash Only Rebalance

The journal only rebalance will move cash between sleeves, but will not create any trades or create any journals on positions.The purpose of this is to bring sleeves back into tolerance, but avoid creating trades.This way individuals can manually raise cash or spend cash in the individual sleeves on their own time.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade tools > Rebalance > Rebalance type
Focused Rebalance

We have renamed the tactical rebalance to focused rebalance.  It can also now be accessed inside the rebalancer itself as one of the rebalancer types. In addition to this enhanced experience, we have added two new protection logics for cash. One to only use cash from sell trades, and another that will require using the proceeds from sells (meaning any sell trades is evenly balanced with buys, even if buys are going over target).

How to get there: Eclipse > Trade tools > Rebalancer
Add Database Prefix to Custodian in Eclipse

We have added the database prefix to custodians in Eclipse for our clients who have multiple Orion Connect databases. This will allow you to easily distinguish between the different custodians created with the daily import.

How to get there: Eclipse > Import
Sleeve Strategy Aggregates

Orion will no longer assign “sleeve strategies” to registrations, but will rather assign “sleeve strategy aggregates”.  Every sleeve strategy will automatically create a sleeve strategy aggregate with the same name and 100% weighting.  This will allow for the same process for all clients, and all current users will be automatically updated from the strategy to strategy aggregate without being impacted.

How to get there: Eclipse > Portfolio Audit > Registration > Sleeve Setup
Account Post Trade Holding % on Orders Grid

We have added the ability to see a holding’s post trade percentage (of the account value) to the Eclipse Orders grid.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Orders


Bi-Directional SSO With Pershing’s NetX360

Advisors now have the ability to move seamlessly back and forth between BNY Mellon | Pershing’s NetX360 platform and Orion Connect. The direct connection enhances the advisor experience with smarter navigation between platforms to access specific account records, balances and positions, key workflows, and more. Immediate access to Pershing statements, trade confirms, tax documents is also now available to advisors and investors in the Orion legacy Client Portal. Read more in our press release and learn more in the webinar

How to get there:

In Orion: Main SSO can be launched from the left sidebar > NetX360 app Contextual SSOs can be launched from Portfolio Audit > Pershing Account > Links > Pershing

In Pershing: Main SSO – NetX360 > Menu > Tools > Other Applications > Orion From a NetX360 Dashboard > Top Right Menu Button > Orion From a specific Account in NetX360: top right > “View Account in: Orion”

How to get there: See Above
Orion Partners With HiddenLevers

HiddenLevers’ disruptive applications will now become part of Orion’s core technology platform, enabling advisors to win new business and dispel investor uncertainties by magnifying the ability to generate proposals tailored to clients’ specific needs. Read more the press release and learn more in the webinar

Date Range Filter for Custodians Statements (Fidelity and Pershing)

Because sometimes clients can have years and years of custodian statements, we made it easier to filter to the date range of documents you are looking for in the Client Experience. This feature will first roll out to the legacy client portal, but will be added in the future to the new client experience.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Client Portal (Legacy) > Documents > Custodian Statements (Fidelity and Pershing)

Portfolio Interactions

Multi-Rep Assignments

Gone are the days of creating shared rep logins and linking those to user profiles in Manage Users. Now, you can simply assign an additional rep to a Household to provide visibility for that rep into those shared clients in Portfolio Audit, Portfolio View, Client Portal and Reporting.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Household > Edit Household > Additional Reps
Entity Names

We wanted to provide additional clarity into the entity you are reviewing in both the Homepage cards and Portfolio View tiles and grids. With a change to either the Registration or Account display name entity option, you’ll be able to review additional options (ex: Custodian, Model, Type) in the name fields in applicable cards and tiles.

**Please note that entity options need to be changed by the SME Platform Support team**

How to get there: Orion Connect > Homepage, Orion Connect > Portfolio View


Tag Specific Filtering

Our users are always looking for ways to have more control within their reports and one of the more commonly requested items in recent months was the ability to apply filters to individual @ tags in Report Builder.  We’ve added this new functionality with our March release.  If a user has access to edit sub-reports they can now filter data on a specific tag without having to filter the entire sub-report.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Sub-Reports> Click on any @ tag > click the filter icon> select and apply filter criteria > Click Ok > Save
Estimated Income in Charts

Advisors are always looking for different ways to present data to their clients – and a number of firms were looking to show their clients their estimated annual income in a chart format instead of the usual table.  With this new release users will now see Estimated Income as a data source for Bar, Pie, and Line charts in Report Builder.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Sub-Reports> Pie Chart > Left Click the Pie Chart> Set the Data Source to Estimated Annual Income> Save
Column Grouping Enhancement: Null Values

Our Column Grouping tables have been having new features added over the last few months – And this month is no exception – Column Grouping Tables will now allow users to update the text or values displayed for null values.  Don’t want to see 0% or $0.00 on your report?  You can now use the Format section of the report to override what appears in place of those values. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Custom Reports> Edit> Click Format on the Right Side Menu> Add in Desired Text Override> Save
Maturity Date: Options For Next Call or Pre-Refunded Date

Our users like variety and no two firms are exactly the same – One of the most requested items that our squad has worked on was introducing settings to allow users to choose between Maturity Date, Next Call Date, or Pre-Refunded Date to give extra clarity to when their clients will receive their bond payment. This new option can be set up in the Income Settings within the Reporting App.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting > Report Settings> Income Settings> Click Pencil to adjust the Modified Duration Market Date > Save on Modal> Save Settings


Adding ByAll As An Aggregator Connection Within Inform

All employee accounts that are connected in Inform will have the option to connect through ByAll as of April 2nd. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Inform > My Accounts

Performance and Composites

Variable Rate Bond Accrual

Now when we are seeing variable rate bonds where the coupon rate changes more frequently than the coupon pays interest out we will be able to more accurately pick up those accrual changes during the period. This accrual will work for any variable rate products where the rate changes are picked up in the Products & Prices app

How to get there: Orion Connect > Products & Prices > Bond > Bond Rates for Variable Bond