September 2020

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New Campaign: Business Owner Needs

Small business owners have unique financial needs for their own lives as well as for their businesses. With this new campaign, show this market segment how you can help prioritize both their personal and professional needs by building the right plan.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Market*r
New Campaign: Risk Tolerance

Often, investors struggle to understand the significant impact risk has on their portfolio. Use this campaign to show why assessing risk is an important consideration for reaching both their short and long-term financial goals while also illustrating how it is a great first step in building a comprehensive financial plan.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Market*r
Connect with Orion Support via Glia Chat

To help your team connect quickly to our team of Market*r platform experts, we have enabled GLIA chat support in the platform. Simply click the,”Let’s Talk!” button to be connected to a Market*r Subject Matter Expert anytime between 9-5 PM ET, M-F. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Orion Market*r > Let’s Chat! button

Financial Planning

Ability to Add Distribution Strategies 

This month, we improved the way your firm is able to model certain cash flow projections by building in the ability to add distribution scenarios at the account level. This includes indicating whether the client will be withdrawing a percentage of the account or a specific dollar amount. This update could be helpful, for example, when modeling required distributions from Trusts or when working to illustrate such strategies as taking distributions from an IRA prior to the client filing for Social Security or withdrawing their RMDs. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Advizr > Profile > Accounts

Client Portal

Client Portal Newsfeed

Effective communication is an essential aspect of your relationship with clients. That’s why now, with the newly developed Client Portal Newsfeed, we have given you another effective outlet for providing timely updates to your clients via your white-labled client portal. 

With this new tool, you can post important updates such as links to quarterly statement uploads, Event Based Notifications, custom RSS feeds, video market commentary, and more—directly to the client portal homepage, ensuring your clients see the updates immediately upon logging in. 

Setting up these messages, and establishing which clients you want to see each message, can be done in the Client Experience App in Orion Connect. To learn more about that process, head to the Client Experience App Settings section of the release notes or reference the Client Experience App Overview document in the resource center.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Advizr > Consumer Overview
Ability for Clients to Link Their Email Address to a Different Portal 

Previously, if a client’s email address was already connected to an existing portal then you were not able to register that client for a different client portal. Now however, you are able to invite the already in-use email address to a new portal registration. When the client registers, they will then have the option to un-link their email address from their existing portal and link it to the new portal or continue to keep their email address linked to their existing portal. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Advizr > Click on Client’s Name Near the Top Left > Invite to Advizr


Latest Communities Strategist: Fidelity Institutional 

As a reminder, Fidelity Institutional recently made its core lineup of strategies available through Communities. Eight new investment strategies and a themed, separately managed account (SMA) join Orion’s Global lineup, comprising:

  • Fidelity Sector Equity Business Cycle (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Multi-Asset Business Cycle (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Bond Income (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Target Allocation 20/80 (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Target Allocation 40/60 (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Target Allocation 60/40 (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Target Allocation 70/30 (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Target Allocation 85/15 (I) Model Portfolio
  • Fidelity Advisor Women’s Leadership SMA
  • Single Ticker – Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio (FSAGX)

Register for our Webinar on Monday, October 12th to learn more. 

How to learn more: Register for our Webinar on Monday, October 12th


Filter By Days Within Grids

Within Eclipse, we have added the ability for you to filter grids by a custom number of days after the current date. For example, if you want to see the portfolios created for the next seven days, you can now add a filter that shows portfolios created within 7 days. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Accounts (or any other grid) > All Accounts > Filters
Link to Systematics on an Account from Orion Connect

To help you more easily navigate to a specific account’s systematics, we have added a “View Account’s Systematics” button to these three locations:

  1. Eclipse > Accounts > Edit Account > Three dot
  2. Eclipse > Accounts > View account > Three dot
  3. Eclipse > Accounts > All Accounts > Highlight 1 account (right click or three dot)

Each of these links will take you  to the Systematics screen within Portfolio Audit, without the need to login.


How to get there: Orion Connect > Eclipse > Accounts > All Accounts
Sleeve Strategy Dropdown Search

We have enhanced the sleeve strategy selection option so that now, rather than being a simple drop down selection, it is a search bar. This allows you to quickly search for different strategies and find the sleeves strategies you need. 



How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio audit > reg level > Right click > Sleeve setup > The strategy dropdown
Targeted Securities use Pro-Rata Logic

We have updated the logic when a security is targeted (or an alternate) in two different sections of an Eclipse model to start using the Multiple Target Distribution Method.  This logic will now either use most underweight (previously used) or Pro-Rata based on the preference setting.

How to get there: Eclipse > Administrator > Preferences
MAC Securities Have a Target in the Tactical Tool

We have updated the logic for MAC securities to now have a targeted percentage in the tactical tool at the security set and security level.  The security sets and securities will now reduce their target based on the MAC node. 


How to get there: Eclipse > Trade Tools > Tactical Tool
Process Multiple Instances

To improve efficiency, we added the ability to process multiple instances at one time in the Eclipse trade order management process.

How to get there: Eclipse > Trades > Instances

New Home Page

New Orion Connect Home Page Dashboard 

As a reminder, last month we officially launched the reimagined Orion Connect Home Page. This new Homescreen was built to create an experience that surfaces the details that matter most to you so that you can better prioritize your day-to-day activities. For more insight into the Homescreen’s layout and capabilities, visit:

If you have not already, get started by simply enabling the new homepage or, for more guided help, reach out to our Platform Support team using “Contact Us” on your current home page or calling 888-279-8447.

How to Get Started: Contact Platform Support team or call 888-279-8447
Client Experience App Settings Update

For those firms that have adopted the new Orion Client Portal, we created an area within the Client Experience app that enables you to update all client portal settings. In addition to updating settings, the Client Experience App also enables your firm to edit and update your Client Portal newsfeed with both custom messages and RSS feeds: 


  • Custom Messages: To update the news feed with a custom message, head to the “Newsfeed Posts” tab and edit your message using the wysiwyg editor. You can then schedule or save your post and have it run on the client portal newsfeed for a custom time period. 
  • RSS Feed: To add an RSS feed, click into the “RSS Feed” tab, name the feed and provide a link to it, and then set it as either active or inactive. 
How to get there: Orion Connect >Client Experience App


Sub-Advisor Reports

Now, when a payment is processed in the Billing app, an advisory fee report can be generated for the sub advisor entity.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Payout Dashboard > Reports > Sub-advisor
Toggle the “Use Fee Hierarchy” Box

Previously, when updating accounts en-masse there was no ability to toggle “Use Fee Hierarchy” from false to true or from true to false. Now however, those advisors who have the entity option “Use Fee Hierarchy” toggled “True,” can toggle the “Use Fee Hierarchy” box en-mass within the Account Update tool.


How to get there: Orion Connect > Billing Audit > All Accounts > Right Click > Edit Accounts > Use Fee Hierarchy > True > Add Change > Save
Fee Hierarchy Contribution/Distribution Sleeves

The adoption rate for the fee hierarchy continues to grow and many of the firms using the fee hierarchy use contribution and distribution sleeves.  Since these accounts are mostly used as sleeves we wanted to provide the opportunity to assign a different default fee.


How to get there: Orion Connect >Billing Audit > Fee Hierarchy > Level > Add Payout Rate > Add Sleeve Level > Save
Apex Fee File

Apex is a new custodian integration partner with Orion. This fee file allows those who have a relationship with Apex to collect fees.  If fees are calculated on accounts with a Fund Family of Apex then a fee file for Apex will be generated with the other custodian fee file.


How to get there: Orion Connect > Bill Generator > Live Instance > Generate Fee Files
Character Limit in Rep Number Field

This enhancement was developed for firms who have joint reps with multiple rep numbers.  Previously this input held only 100 characters, now the cell is able to hold 1000 characters.



How to get there: Orion Connect > Firm Profile > Representatives > Edit > General > Rep Number


New Integration: Turn Held-Away Assets Into Billable Assets with FeeX 

Access Feex, the innovative technology that enables advisors to manage and trade held away accounts just like they do with custodied accounts. This enables your firm to turn held-away assets such as 401(k) holdings into billable assets while also working to help improve client returns. 


How to learn more: Refer to the "FeeX: Interface Setup" and "FeeX: Vendor Summary" articles in the Support App.
Enhanced Fidelity Alerts

To help keep you aware and informed of important Fidelity account details, we added a new Alerts tab. Now, when viewing a Fidelity account within Insight, you will see a Tab through which you can view all the Fidelity Alerts for that Account.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Insight > Fidelity Account Summary
Salesforce Default User

For some firms, having a single user facilitate the data sync works better than connecting each user. To help accomplish this, we have added a Default User feature to the Salesforce Sync. If your firm feels this approach would work well for your Salesforce installation, please reach out to our Salesforce Support team. 

How to get there: Salesforces > Orion Connect Sync
Experian Available to All Clients on the New Client Portal

With the new Orion Client Portal, we’ve made it our mission to give your firm the tools and resources you need to provide your clients with a true personal financial management experience. Whether that means the tools to open accounts, build a solid financial plan, view key reports, or anything in between, it’s all available through the single portal you provide. 

This month, we have improved the capabilities within the client portal even further.

Now, your firm is able to provide your clients with access to premiere credit/identity monitoring and recovery services for free through the remainder of 2020, thanks to our expanded integration with Experian. What’s more, they’ll receive notifications through the new Client Portal triggered by potential fraudulent acts made against them, further proving the value of your service. If you have not already enabled the new client portal, please visit to sign up to get started. If the new Client Portal is already enabled for your firm and you would like more information on the Experian integration, please reach out Orion’s Integrations Support team. 

Reach out to Platform Support


Improved Accounting for Partial Ownership 

Previously, all accounts defaulted to 100% ownership by the advisor in question. This month we have improved this functionality to provide a more accurate view into account ownership by giving you the ability to designate a percentage of ownership for individual accounts.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Portfolio Audit > Edit Household > Reporting Only Accounts > Add > Enter in % amount owned
SMA at the Transaction Level in RB3 and QB

To enable a more detailed and granular view into your separately managed accounts, we have allowed for SMAs to be viewed at the transaction level within Report Builder 3 and Query Builder.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Reporting


User Notes in Inform

To help your firm better collaborate and keep a record of important developments, Compliance Admins will now have the ability to add user specific notes with the choice of letting the employee see those notes or not.

How to Get There: Compliance>Inform>UserInformation
Pre-Clearance Requests in Inform

Based on your feedback, Inform users will now have the ability to cancel a pre-clearance request that has not been acted on by the Compliance Admin, as well as being able to place a pre-clearance request on an Unconnected Account.

How to Get There: Compliance>Inform>Task>Pre-Clearance

Performance Tool

Blended Benchmark/Dynamic Benchmark Custom Import

To help simplify the process of onboarding into the Orion system, we have created a new ability to create custom, scalable imports of your benchmarks. With this new simple import template, you can now easily bring all your benchmarks into the system without the need for any manual processes.