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Client Portal Newsfeed

Effective communication is an essential aspect of your relationship with clients. That’s why now, with the newly developed Client Portal Newsfeed, we have given you another effective outlet for providing timely updates to your clients via your white-labled client portal. 

With this new tool, you can post important updates such as links to quarterly statement uploads, Event Based Notifications, custom RSS feeds, video market commentary, and more—directly to the client portal homepage, ensuring your clients see the updates immediately upon logging in. 

Setting up these messages, and establishing which clients you want to see each message, can be done in the Client Experience App in Orion Connect. To learn more about that process, head to the Client Experience App Settings section of the release notes or reference the Client Experience App Overview document in the resource center.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Advizr > Consumer Overview
Ability for Clients to Link Their Email Address to a Different Portal 

Previously, if a client’s email address was already connected to an existing portal then you were not able to register that client for a different client portal. Now however, you are able to invite the already in-use email address to a new portal registration. When the client registers, they will then have the option to un-link their email address from their existing portal and link it to the new portal or continue to keep their email address linked to their existing portal. 

How to get there: Orion Connect > Advizr > Click on Client’s Name Near the Top Left > Invite to Advizr

August 2020

The One Portal Project

As of today, Orion offers two separately powerful client portals advisors can offer via Orion that both provide unique solutions. Our One Portal Project is bringing our two portals together into one, helping advisors provide a comprehensive client experience that is consistent across platforms, without the need for multiple logins. This newly consolidated portal will provide your investors with a true personal financial management experience by giving them access to all the tools they need to oversee their financial lives including performance reports, account aggregation, account opening, financial planning information, and more—all from a single portal.

In case you missed it, we aired a webinar detailing the latest updates. You can watch that webinar here: Orion Client Portal Webinar. If you would like to be among the first to transition from the legacy client portal to the new client portal, sign up at:

Client Portal Redirect

To help your firm transition clients from the legacy client portal to the new client portal, we’ve built a toggle that will redirect your clients to the new portal. Your clients will still use the same login page and credentials they are using for the legacy client portal so the transition will be seamless for them and this means you will not need to invite each of your clients one by one to the new portal.

If you would like to switch to the new client portal, please contact our Platform Support Team or sign up to learn more about the new portal at

Ability to Choose Client Landing Page

You now have the ability to choose the first page your client sees when they log in to the client portal. The default landing page is the Consumer Overview page, but you can choose to send them directly to Personal Finances, Goal Results, Document Vault, Profile, Reports, or even Credit Monitoring if you are utilizing that service with your client. This setting can be not just a client setting, but also something you can set at the firm or advisor level.

Orion Connect > Advizr > Click on Client’s Name Near Top Left > Invite to Advizr / Configure Access
MoneyGuide Integration

For those of you who use MoneyGuide for your financial planning tool, we now have the same integration for our new client portal that you have been using for the legacy client portal. This includes your clients being able to see the Summary, Insurance, Goals and Net Worth Pages as well as giving them the ability to access their plan within MoneyGuide from our client portal.

Orion Connect > Advizr > MoneyGuide Financial Planning Tab
Riskalyze Integration

For those of you who use Riskalyze, we’ve improved our integration to not only be able to pull in your Riskalyze Models to use as part of your recommendations for your clients goals, but we can now also pull in the client’s Risk Score, the score of how their accounts are currently allocated and finally your Portfolio Recommendation Score as well.

Orion Connect > Advizr > Personal Finances > Risk Profile

January 2020

Mask Account Numbers in the Orion Client Portal

You can never be too careful—especially when it comes to PII. That’s why we’ve added a masking feature to the Orion Client Portal, where the advisor can control the number of account digits displayed to the user.

Orion Connect > Client Portal > Admin > Settings > Portfolio > Account Numbers to Show

November 2019

  • We can all agree on the importance of financial planning. But equally as important is the ability to show your clients the value of their plans. That’s why we’ve added three new tiles to our presentation dashboard, Insight:
    •  Net Worth: shows the net worth of a household—by individual and by total
    • Monte Carlo: shows the probability of success that a retirement goal is funded
    • Retirement Assets: shows the accumulation and de-accumulation of retirement assets over time
Orion Connect > Insight > New Dashboard > Add Tiles

August 2019


Event-Based Notifications automate the creation and delivery of text and email communications for client milestones, like birthdays, as well as account updates like rebalances, model changes, and distributions. Once an event is selected, you can choose from client-specific data points in Orion Connect to automatically personalize the communication. Event-Based Notifications promote transparency between advisor and client and simplify the execution of a proactive and consistent client communication strategy.

Orion Connect > Reporting > Deliver

Our vision to fully integrate Advizr’s next-generation client portal technology into Orion Connect starts with a single sign-on (SSO) integration, asset class mappings, and account type mappings (based on Orion’s defaults) from Orion to Advizr. The SSO integration works at the advisor and rep level, allowing these stakeholders to engage with financial advice faster in order to provide more meaningful results. But this is just the beginning of our exciting plan to fully integrate Advizr into the Orion Connect experience.

Connect clients’ goals with your proposed investment strategies—while offering a best-in-class experience. While there is no additional fee, we are setting advisors up in batches to ensure a seamless experience. Please also note that you must complete our Advizr Ascent training modules before being fully onboarded.


In Insight, advisors can now show the fixed income for instruments like bonds and CDs with a pop-out that displays maturity distribution, coupon distribution, and yield. Advisors can control grouping by Asset Category, Asset Class, and Risk Category.

Orion Connect > Insight > New Dashboard > Add Tiles

Also in Insight, we added an Estimated Income tile to illustrate the interest and dividends expected to be earned on investments in the next 12 months. Advisors can show yield on cost, current yield, and estimated annual income with the same aforementioned groupings.

Orion Connect > Insight > New Dashboard > Add Tiles

Web acknowledgements, which previously were only available via the Orion Client Portal, have been added to the Mobile App.

Mobile App > Web Acknowledgement

The Orion Client Portal will automatically end a session after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Orion Connect > Client Portal

We created additional time frame options for the Performance Summary tile in Insight. Month to Date (MTD) and Inception are now included.

Orion Connect > Insight > Performance Summary Tile

Report Builder 3.0 reports are now available in Insight, provided advisors have already been granted access to the report(s). Previously, this functionality was limited only to Report Builder 2.0 reports.

Orion Connect > Insight > Report Tile