Release Notes: Data Services

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August 2021

Data Processing Speed and Quality Enhancements

We’ve optimized our transactional file processing to apply custodial transaction data significantly faster and with greater accuracy. These changes will positively impact all custodial transaction files loaded through the Orion Confirmation system.


Additionally we’ve refactored our sleeve data processing logic to also allow for significant improvements in processing times as well as much better data and reconciliation quality and accuracy.

FolioFN Custodial Cost Basis

We’ve introduced processing logic to allow us to load in custodial cost basis data for the FolioFN data format. We receive Position and Transactional data from FolioFN already sleeved and the Cost Basis data at a portfolio level.

With this new logic every sleeve’s assets will have the appropriate lot prorated and applied at the proportional percentage.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Tax Center

June 2021

AIP Enhancements: Custom Imports

AIP custom imports are now accessible in the Custom Imports app, which will allow users to edit data, add or remove rows within one screen.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Account Composer > Alternatives
AIP Enhancements: “As Of Date” Column

A column was added for an “as of date” value so the asset grid can show both the current value and the value as of a specific date. We have also updated the total cost basis so that it will return based on the date selected.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Account Composer > Alternatives
AIP Enhancements: Alternative Ledger Workflow

A simplified workflow for alternative ledger activity has been created, meaning users can stay within one field to update ledger information. Functionality to copy historical activity from another asset is also accessible within the alternative ledger activity.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Account Composer > Alternatives
SEI Trust Fee Detail

This enhancement allows for reporting of individual components of the trading expense transaction. The data points that are now broken out are: Activity Fee, Brokerage, Charge Applied To Min, Commission, Holding Fee, Income Fee, Issue Fee, Minimum Fee, Miscellaneous Fee 1, Miscellaneous Fee 2, Miscellaneous Expense, Operator Fee, Postage And Insurance, Principal Fee, Purchased Interest, Report Fee, SEC Fee, Special Holding Fee, and Special Issue Fee. 

Schwab VA Core

Partnering with Schwab and the enhancements they have made to their variable annuity data feed, we have enhanced our data feed to include holdings, transaction, price, security, and name files. 

Apex Clearing Cost Basis

We have partnered with Apex Clearing to add both realized and unrealized cost basis to the integration. This data can be used to enhance the trading experience or be included in reports.

May 2021

Pershing Transaction Expense Updates

The trading expense transactions have been updated to include the amounts Pershing list under the Misc Fee and Other Fee data points. This ensures the trading expense transaction includes all fees associated with the purchase or sale of a security.

Pershing Fee Detail

This breaks out the individual components of the trading expense transaction to make each component available to be queried. The data points that are broken out are: Interest, Commission, Tax, Transaction Fee, Misc Fee, Other Fee, TEFRA Withholding, Pershing Charge, Brokerage Charge, Sales Credit, Settlement Fee, Service Charge, Mark Up/Down.