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June 2022

Salesforce - Full Sync Window

Orion’s Salesforce package now includes an update to the OrionSync visualforce page that allows the user to ‘block off’ time ahead of a scheduled Full Sync. If a database typically sees large numbers of updates throughout the day, your Salesforce Delta syncs may run longer than the allotted time frames, and could interfere with a scheduled Full sync- this new picklist allows the user to insert a Delta-less period ahead of the Full sync to ensure there are no conflicts.

How to get there: Salesforce > Setup > Visualforce Pages > OrionSync > Schedule
Riskalyze Risk Scores in Portfolio Audit

For firms that leverage Riskalyze, you now have the ability to see Riskalyze Risk scores in Portfolio Audit.


Target Score = Target in Riskalyze

Current score = Actual score for Client

Client Risk score = Proposed score for Client

Risk Score Dates = Date score was last updated


Portfolio Audit>Accounts>Columns>Add Column


Target Risk Score = Target Score

Current Risk Score = Actual Score

Risk Score Date = Date last updated


*We are planning to add similar features for HiddenLevers and 3D Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, stay tuned for more.

How to get there: Orion Connect>Portfolio Audit>Households>Columns>Add Column

May 2022

Sales Asset Level Sync Logic Update

With this next release, we are updating the criteria that captures which assets are included in each sync to a firm’s Salesforce org in order to match that of a recent account level enhancement.

Salesforce syncs will include assets if:

  1. They were edited/created in the last 30 days OR
  2. Have a transaction within the last 30 days OR
  3. Have a non-zero value
How to get there: Salesforce > Orion data sync

April 2022

Pershing / Fidelity Documents Account Number Mask

Orion provides quick access for clients to their Pershing or Fidelity documents (statements, tax documents, trade confirms, etc) within the Orion Client Portal. After receiving great feedback that advisors and clients did not want the account number appearing in the file name and description, we have masked the number adding additional privacy and security. This does not alter the content within the document.

How to get there: Client Portal > Document Vault > Pershing or Fidelity Documents

February 2022

Salesforce Financial Planning Sync

The financial planning sync allows firms to sync data from Orion Planning to Salesforce. Actions, goals, and plan information in Orion Planning can now be mapped and are viewable at a household level without the need to navigate away from Salesforce to Orion Planning.

Admin users will need to edit the page layout to include the new “Goals” object that is automatically included in our Salesforce package. Once the fields are mapped on the mapping setup screen, the object will populate with the planning information that was previously only accessible within the Orion app.

For more information on how to implement the Financial Planning Sync, please contact Orion’s Salesforce Integration support team.

How to get there: Salesforce > Household > Financial Planning/Goals

December 2021

Schwab Service Request Disclosures

Orion provides the ability to submit service requests directly to Schwab from the Contact Us menu in Orion Connect. We have updated the disclosure that appears each time a request is submitted and require user acknowledgement before submitting the request.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Contact Us > Schwab Service Request

November 2021

Login Redirect to New Client Portal Available at Rep Level

Firms that are ready to migrate their clients to use the new Client Portal now have the ability to control by rep which clients get redirected from the legacy portal to the new experience. Previously this option was set for “all or nobody” at the firm level.


Now, the rep level setting will default to the database setting, but can be changed to have greater flexibility during your migration plan.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Firm Profile > Representatives > Options > Redirect to Advizr
Salesforce Sync - Flexible Mapping Lockdown

The flexible field mapping for the Salesforce Sync is one of the most powerful aspects of the sync, allowing firms to further customize how a field in Salesforce syncs to a field in Orion Connect. However, this advanced feature is not without risks – when fields are matched that do not share the correct format or have custom rules in place, it can create sync errors which may be challenging to unravel.


To that end, we have added a lockdown feature to the Mapping Setup screen. This helps protect firms from accessing the functionality until they have the training and confidence to make updates, and it keeps other users at the firm from unknowingly making changes without the full understanding of the impact.


For more information on how to best use the Flexible Mapping, please contact Orion’s Salesforce Integration support team.

How to get there: Salesforce > Sync Setup

October 2021

Schwab Status Feed Tile

Logging into the Orion Homepage provides you with actionable information to start your day. You can now add to that the Schwab Status Tile which will keep you up to date on changes to workflows at Schwab such as Digital Account Opening, Service Requests, Move Money, and Address Changes. The new tile provides the more recent status update, with additional details when you click on the records, but you also have an SSO at your fingertips to launch into the Schwab Advisor Center for reviewing your workflows.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Homepage > Schwab Status Feed
Salesforce - 5 and 10 Year Performance Available

Available fields to sync to Salesforce now include both 5 and 10 Year performance if those enabled and being calculated from the Orion Performance Overview for a firm’s database.

How to get there: Salesforce > Household > Performance

September 2021

Dropbox Token Updates - Action Required

Dropbox serves as one of the integration partners for cloud storage. They have recently made a security enhancement that required Orion to modify and update the method through which we authenticate and store tokens for the cloud storage integration. 

This update requires that all users of the integrations (advisor, rep, and client) must reconnect the integration upon this rollout. The integration will simply appear disconnected, requiring the user to reconnect, enter their credentials, and then the integration will work as expected.

This will be required of all users whether they are connected via the AdvisorShared or MyUser setup.

How to get there: (Advisors or Reps) Orion Connect > Reporting > Cloud Storage Integration OR Client Experience > Settings > Documents > Advisor Cloud Storage OR (Clients) Client Portal > Documents or Document Vault > Cloud Storage
YourStake adds Impact Reporting through Integration

ESG platform leader YourStake currently provides integration with Orion through an SSO, a portfolio import, and ESG preferences for the Eclipse and Astro platforms. Now to further add value when communicating the impact and value of ESG portfolios to your clients, YourStake has added an export feature that will PUSH an ESG impact report through the API to your Documents on a household making it immediately available to the Client in the Orion Client Portal.

How to get there: Client Portal > Documents or Document Vault > YourStake Impact Report

August 2021

Custodian SSO Contextual Links in Portfolio View

We have added our Custodian SSO links from portfolio audit, Insight, and the retired Household Overview tool to the Portfolio View in the new Homepage. Now while viewing a client’s Schwab, TDA, Pershing or Fidelity account, you have the ability to seamlessly launch into that custodian’s web portal, conveniently into one of several contexts (homepage, service or action center, documents, move money, alerts, research center, and many more).


This is the first stage of many more planned features to add custodian access, data points, and calls to action right at your fingertips from the Portfolio View Dashboard.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Homepage > Portfolio View (Choose a Client) > The ellipsis “...” dropdown in the upper right corner.
Multiple Rep Assignment and Custodian Rep Code Field Added to Salesforce Integration

Orion has extended its powerful feature of being able to assign multiple reps to a household now out to Salesforce so that you can review the group of individual reps associated with the client.

The custodian rep code field is now also available in the data sync and can be added to the representative record in Salesforce.

How to get there: Salesforce > Household and Representative records

June 2021

Sleeve Account Rollup for Salesforce

Sleeves are a powerful and efficient way to manage strategies for your clients but for certain data syncs and reports, it is more useful to see each sleeve aggregated together back as a single custodian account. We have added a feature to our sync that allows you to rollup all of the sleeves into that single account for your data in Salesforce.

How to get there: Salesforce > Financial Accounts

May 2021

Scoping for Account Number Masking

In our ongoing effort to increase the flexibility and security controls around our API, we have added a scoping privilege for account number masking. This will allow Orion to mask all but the last 4 digits of account numbers through the API for connected integration partners, giving more control over which partner has access to this data.


This will not affect advisory firms connecting directly to the API, as they will have the default privilege needed. However, firms could use this functionality if they are using an outside consultant and want to restrict their account numbers from being accessed.

How to get there: Orion Connect > API
Salesforce - RMD Dashboard Link

One of the best features of the Salesforce app is the ability to access Orion functionality from within Salesforce, especially while on a household or financial account. By popular request, we have added in an option from your contextual links bar to launch the RMD dashboard from the household level.

How to get there: Salesforce > Household > Orion Links > RMD

April 2021

Cash and Credit Single Sign On

As part of Orion’s joint venture with Focus Client Solutions, we are launching a Single Sign On app from Orion Connect into the new Cash and Credit portal. This will not only provide each access to the portal but from Portfolio View you can immediately launch a Loan Request from the context of a specific Household jumpstarting that request form.

For more information on the Orion/FCS Cash and Credit platform click HERE.

How to get there: Orion Connect > Cash and Credit
Salesforce Preemptive Error Checking

Orion’s Salesforce sync provides incredible customization with our Flexible Field syncing. However, sometimes the data entered into Salesforce does not match the required formatting for the mapped field in Orion and this creates sync errors. For example, entering a string of text into a field that should be in a date format back in Orion. To help guide users in the moment and reduce sync errors, we will now preemptively alert the user when they try to save data in Salesforce that will not match back to Orion.

How to get there: Salesforce > Household or Account level Records
HiddenLevers Integration Roadmap and Pricing

Orion is bringing HiddenLevers’ portfolio stress-testing, industry-leading investment proposals, and model construction workflows to Orion’s core technology platform. Get a demo of the platform and learn more about the preferred pricing structure and integration timeline for 2021. 

Read More: