Announcing Our New Podcast Series
The Fuse Show

Testing, one, two… is this thing on?

ICYMI: Orion announced the launch of our brand-new podcast: The Fuse Show! Hosted by our Vice Presidents of Business Development, Ryan Donovan and George Svagera, the Fuse Show looks to break free from traditional business podcasts by balancing timely fintech information with personality and humor.  

Each episode will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest fintech news, stories from their time on the road as they’ve talked tech with advisors, and offer insights to help your business innovate, disrupt, and win.

Get to Know Our Hosts

Ryan Donovan is responsible for connecting with financial advisors across the northeastern United States. He works every day to show firms how Orion’s technology and integrations can help them grow and improve efficiency. Ryan is a New York native and self-proclaimed gastronomist who enjoys golf, travel and relaxing at home with his wife and kids.




George Svagera is dedicated to truly understanding the unique needs of advisors and what they’re trying to accomplish with their technology. Working with Orion, George helps advisory firms improve efficiency and drive growth. When George isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time traveling with his wife and two children. He also sits on the board of Mustaches for Kids Omaha and Mustaches for Kids International, which have raised millions for children’s charities.


So, what have you missed so far?

Episode 1: Big Orion News and the Client Experience

In our first episode, George and Ryan discuss the state of the client experience within the financial industry and the steps that lead to Orion’s acquisition of Advizr, Inc. George and Ryan also explain why we believe Advizr is perfectly aligned with our vision for the client experience, the client portal, and our belief that advisors can’t rely on yesterday’s client solutions for tomorrow’s success. Episode one is available now, so grab some ear buds and get ready to laugh and learn with some of the industry’s best tech leaders! 

Episode 2: Adapt or Get Left Behind 

In episode 2, George and Ryan meet with financial guru Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management to discuss Ritzholtz’ wild beginnings, why it’s nearly impossible to scale your growth without a robust CRM, and what to expect at the first annual Wealth/Stack Conference. Also, George shares a hilarious story about visiting a firm with an unconventional office space. Pop some popcorn and get ready for another fun episode of The Fuse Show!

To listen to these episodes and subscribe to the show, visit our Fuse Show website!