Best Practices for Data Maintenance

The Orion onboarding process includes an extensive client audit to ensure all your data is captured and downloading properly within Orion’s technology. But what happens after the initial onboarding? It’s important that you are continuing to audit your data on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. Here are some best practices for maintaining your new accounts after the onboarding process is complete.

After The Initial Client Audit

Orion provides an “Advisor Best Practices” document that is a good starting point for creating a checklist of steps to take as new accounts start downloading into our system. There are various things you will want to check, update, and assign to the new account in order to make sure it is handled properly from day one. This document focuses on updating the “Household” information, ensuring the correct billing specs are assigned, as well as how to prepare the account for quarter-end statements. You can download the document here, or find it within the “Assist Me” tool.

Utilizing Audits Within Orion

Within Orion, there are various methods of running audits to verify the accuracy of your clients’ information in Orion. The first place is the “Query” app. In the app, there are a variety of queries you can run from a full client audit file to more specific account level settings. You also have the capability to “favorite” these queries for ease of access in the future. In addition, in other apps (i.e. Portfolio Audit, Billing Audit, etc.) there are also queries you can utilize. Remember, queries can be added to your checklist for weekly, monthly, or quarterly audits.


A few of the resources available to you have been listed above. However, there are countless resources you can access within Orion, including – starting with our “Support” app, “Assist Me” tool, and the “Query” app. The list doesn’t stop there. You also have access to all of the in-house Subject Matter Experts in each area for additional Orion assistance.
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About Eddie Sempek
Eddie Sempek serves as Orion's Chief Innovation Officer. He has worked in several roles at Orion and now oversees the team of tech consultants. He enjoys helping firms in their strategic planning and implementation of technology.